Must Included Healthy diet for senior citizens | Samarthcare

Slowing down activity, blurring vision, lessening strength, losing teeth one by one, bending back bone, hair turning grey slowly, new wrinkles on the existing ones, deteriorating grip day by day, troubling ailments….it is easy to understand that these symptoms are of ageing process for each human without an exception. These may be common for elders irrespective of the diet intake. However, proper diet consumption can lessen the effect of ailments and can improve their health marginally. Senior citizen club in India is not much propagated but a consistent diet plan and essential care giving can improvise their health to a greater extent.

What does body speak in old age?

Towards ageing, the nutritional needs do increase and the body turns into a degenerative mode as per the geriatric experts. Multiplying of cells and tissues becomes considerably slow; however, tissues get repaired at a higher rate. A spectrum of health issues such as poor immunity, fragile bones and muscles, digestion issues, fatigue at meager activity, metabolic disorders such as Arthritis, Diabetes and Hypertension, Osteoporosis may try to conquer the elderly. These issues may discourage them to eat. However, it is important to eat right rather than eating less. The nutritive requirements may change in old age in comparison to young ages and these have to be stuffed in easily digestible and absorbing petty meals in regular intervals rather than having three huge meals a day.

Diet tips for senior citizens:

· Old aged women are suggested to be taking care of their diet as they tend to get weakness in joints and are very vulnerable to fractures due to reduction of calcium absorption owing to menopause. Calcium rich diet is generally prescribed by geriatric nutritionist.

· Using natural colored seasonal vegetables and fruits in two to three meals may reduce constipation which comes with age.

· Soft cooked and mashed food is suggested to elderly to enable them chew easily as they may have extracted teeth or dentures.

· Intake of egg whites helps in repair of the cells and tissues to repair worn out tissues and cells due to the protein content in them. Vegetarians can have cottage cheese made from low fat milk as a good substitute for protein.

· Olive oil and canola oil are the best in preventing cholesterol and improve good fat in the blood.

· Multiple mini portions of meals in a day for six to seven times help digestion and absorption and lessen fatigue.

· Oats porridge or oats upma can be good breakfast source for them as they are rich in fiber and nutrients which create the sense of fullness.

· Rotis with curd in dough, potassium rich foods such as sweet limes, fenugreek seeds, and cumin seeds prevent water retention and increase muscular flexibility.

· Processed foods with preservatives and colors need to be avoided as they lack in fiber and nutrients.

· Soups rich in vegetable and stock without cream or butter are considered a lighter meal for supper.

· While going out, fill a small meal bag with healthy snacks to prevent outside eating which can hamper their health.

· Drinking ample water for at least 15 glasses a day can prevent dehydration. Muscular density reduction and vulnerability to dehydration is usually higher in elders especially in hot weathers.

Such measures ensure home care for elderly in India and prevent them from many ailments to stay fitter for their rest of the tenure.