The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Rugs

All of us have seen rugs in homes of friends and relatives; in fact, there must be one in your house as well. However, I am not sure how many of us know that there are different types of rugs. To name a few — wool rugs, natural fiber rugs, hair on hide rugs, cotton Rugs, synthetic rugs etc. Additionally, there are a number of accessories like- rug pads, cleaning kits, rug swatches etc that helps in the maintenance of rugs. Furthermore, these types of rugs are further differentiated as hand knotted and hand tufted rugs. There are a number of hand tufted carpet manufacturers as well as hand knotted carpet manufacturers. When you a looking at a carpet manufacturer consider their especially that they offer.

Now since you are aware of the types of rugs let’s look at what are the rug sizes that you need for each room.

Living room

There is always a question that most of us ask- to go under the sofa or just in front of the sofa? Well, this completely depends rugs length and the length of the coach. You can consider visualizing the room and frame the space. Find out if you are planning the keep the set together or separately. When space is small you can always consider placing the rug in front of the sofa. Do not forget that we would also want the floors to be accentuated. If you have a mansion sized living rooms then it is best to go for larger rugs will all your furniture sit on it.

Dining areas

Dining areas have stricter rules. A minimum of 18” from the table, to allow your chair to be pulled out to sit down. To get a better idea of the size,

• Go to the dining area and pull the chair

• Leave the chair

• Measure the length just beyond the chair

For areas like dining rooms, kitchen and breakfast nooks buy an exact size of the rug and show of the floor.


With a number of options available you can always consider laying the rug perpendicular to the bed and pull it halfway under. Place it in a way that your legs fall on the rug when you get down from the bed.


This is the place that is visible to your guests as soon as they enter the house. See to it that there is space on both the sides of the rug so that it offers the required attention on your floors as well.


Just like the foyer ensure that the both ends of the runner show off the floor. Do not run the runner on the wall.


The kitchen is the place you spend most of your time cleaning and cooking. Thus, this has to have one of the most comfortable ones. A rug does not need to be a peculiar type of kitchen rug you can always have one that looks stylish as well as durable. This will make a perfection addition to your kitchen.

Rugs are meant to connect and add the accent that makes your home a beautiful one.

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