‘Before 2017 ends’ art project

Like most of you, I was setting up goals for myself for 2017 during the first week of January. I was at my workplace and thinking of what I should be doing this year. For creative inspiration, I was looking at some work of leaders in my field. Meanwhile my unconscious brain reminded me of something which I wanted to do for sometime. It was an art project “Before I die — it is a global art project that invites people to contemplate death and reflect on their lives. Originally created by the artist Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after she lost someone she loved, today there are over 2,000 walls around the world.”

banner getting printed

I thought this might be a perfect opportunity for me to have my first art project and at the same time creative inspiration for my colleagues to set their goals. And that’s how “Before 2017 ends, I want to…” art project started. In simple words — this project was about people sharing their 2017 goals anonymously with their colleagues. Next task was to bring this idea to life. Idea is one thing but execution is completely different thing and it requires lots of efforts and motivation. For this project, I needed banner with “Before 2017 ends, I want to…” text and a place where I can put the banner. But things weren’t easy as it sounds. I was quite new to organisation and knew very limited people so I didn’t have access to any designer who can design banner for me. I wanted to move things as fast as possible so I learned basic gimp and designed banner by myself. The banner that I designed was missing few brand guidelines so before printing, I got access to one designer who quickly updated banner as per brand guidelines.

Ram helping me setting up banner on wall

For this project’s success critical thing was placement of banner. It should be easily accessible to everyone on the floor. Everyone should be able to see it from their desk and it should be at such a location where people often come. After lots of hassle, I found a place near printer area which was visible by almost everyone on the floor. After the setup, I could have opted for easier option and sent out communication mailer to everyone on the floor but similar to ‘Before I die’ project, I wanted people to figure out on their own so I just setup the wall and waited for people to write. I kept banner for almost a month and something really amazing happened. It was almost filled with resolutions. It varied from learning new skills, getting married, reading more books to travelling new places. Some of them shared proper plan — ‘6 pack by March. Bike trip to Ladakh in May. Get a new job by Feb. be 100% fit and run Marathon. Get married by end of the year’ , few were quite specific — ‘read 10 books and visit a new country’ and others were abstract — ‘achieve something I am really proud of. #Happy2017’.

final setup

Personally, I never thought it will get filled completely. For this project, my success criteria was “Everyone to notice this project and 50% filled banner” but to my surprise it was almost filled and everyone on the floor have noticed project and they were talking about it.

after 1 month
me wrapping up things

You really can’t do great work without your friends support. Thank you Ram, Alok, Sachin and Preeti for helping me.

I still need to work on the visualization for this project.

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