Native Mobile Developers: It’s time to learn JavaScript

If you already know, jump to, if you’ve been there, nice, you’re ready for the future.

Time has come that the dream of a native look & feel mobile experience built with a clean code in a hybrid solution is a reality.

After some years and companies trying to do it, here’s why I think that Facebook’s ReactNative is the first pleasant solution in this field:

  • It looks & feel native to the user:
Facebook Ads manager App built with ReactNative
  • And to the Developer:

Writing a ReactNative application doesn't move you away from the aspects and nomenclature of each platform, actually you have to write separate iOS and Android views’ code. That requires you or your team to know each platform characteristics but ensures your app will have proper experience in both systems.

Also, your code keeps more maintainable, if a new release of iOS or Android comes up, you just need to update one part (view’s layer) of the code, everything else will (should) just work fine.

If you’re a native mobile developer and want to keep doing it for the coming years, it’ll give you the ability to be able to reach “the other native” platform when needed and believe me: companies will love to know that you can make one app for both platforms without needing to rewrite the whole thing twice.

If you’re a web developer, knows JavaScript and has interest in mobile you don’t need to learn or use Java or Objective-C anymore. And c’mon, don tell me about phonegap, ionic, [put your hybrid web based solution here], we’re in the native talk here. :P

Ok, but... Xamarin has been doing that for a long time… Yeah, it has but is paid, proprietary software, you have to learn C# (if you’re coming from .NET or Unity, that’s ok), and personally I think that’s not event half as sexy as ReactNative.

What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!