That’s what I do.

Tonight again I remembered my strong desire for the Do Lectures before I’d attended. Before I’d flipped out from the overwhelming heartpulsingly incredible experience of being at a DO.

Be delighted by previous Do’s at

The desire was for a bigger audience for the Do Lectures. It seemed too incredible to be so quiet.

It’s so funny in a way, what happens in life.

With trepidation exactly a year after attending Do, I wrote to DO co-founders David and Clare Hieatt, asking if I could, maybe, well, if they’d like, only if they were up for it, would they be interested in, well… having me spend a month in West Wales helping grow their online audience?

A one word answer had me on a plane. A month later I’d fallen even more in love with the effect of DO, the Chicken Shed where the Welsh team operates, the Welsh, the Welsh DO team, and that amazing Welsh coastline. The Do Wales team are delightful and strong, personifying the Do brand with openness, care and desire to see others do amazing things, while they indeed do their amazing things. That last bit is important.

Without realising it, this month became my “Do induction”. Time spent with the team, soaking in the osmosis of the Do style, drinking great coffee, hearing the stories of the past years of Do Lectures, eating distractingly good homemade cakes, seeing the Tuesday Shed rituals as well as learning bits and bobs of the clever application process, the Skypes with other people wishing to start DO in other international locations, the slight-but-important tweaks made to paper quality or words, the extra time taken to create something extra special for another.

The thoughtfulness.

Six months later, Mel Jacobsen turned to me and said, “We should bring this to Australia” and we busted our guts (yeah, it’s an Australian saying) to make it happen.

The inaugural DO Lectures Australia was amazingly sparkly. I had a moment of “this is like Do in Wales!” in the tipi after the first few talks. It was an unexpected moment of shocking delight to, in our first year, achieve the Do essence, the warmth of the environment, the depth of conversations and the very specialness experienced in Wales. There was so much delight. Loads of insights and realisations for people. Tears, joy, truth, teasing new friends, fascinating discussions, incredible food, humility, overwhelm, fun new things to learn and a whole lot of craziness on the Saturday night.

Personally I ran so fast to get so much of the Welsh and DO USA goodness into our local DO here that I forgot I was running and by the end of the event was completely exhausted.

But man, was it so worth it.

There they are. The people of the inaugural Do Lectures Australia.

I recently realised that there were a few things we weren’t going to do that I crazily pushed to happen last minute. They seemed too important. Crew t-shirts, TOMS shoes for everyone, the Giving Chairs and their artwork. None of these had to happen. But the photos with the crew in their t-shirts are so fun. And there was such a moment of international bonding and hilarity caused by the giving chair artwork.

Hilarity. Will Dayble and LJ Darveau creating sparks.

And even more humbling… a last-minute speaker cancelation led to the 20th Do AUS speaker being a Giving Chair winner. He prepared overnight and gave an incredible talk that brought tears, amazement, amusement and so much insight to pretty much everyone. 120 people. And more to come via the talk being online soon.

That’s the DO magic.

Last minute addition ~ the most amazing fire-sculpture I’ve seen.

It seems I was destined to grow the international DO audience by being on the expanding international Do crew.

We’re growing through those who love DO, the people they’re inspired by and those they wish to motivate — encouraging them to attend, watch a talk or to gain practical tips.

And we’re experimenting and ‘creating chaos’ for ourselves (!!) so that we can ourselves discover, learn and experience delight, while motivating others to do amazing things.

Mark Lobo took the great Do Lectures Australia photos included here.

Run fast, run hard, get through the intensity of any pain you feel. Believe, face the hard moments and challenging conversations, relax into being human, make mistakes, aim high, do the crazy things that you’re driven to.

Know in your heart that ripple effects are coming to be from your great work.

That’s what I Do.