Investing Update

Personally, I think updown is a stupid platform. Spammed by ads everywhere… just lousy lousy execution of their platform. total shit.

anyhow, heres an update on whats been up on my “good” portfolio that I probably spent a total of 5 working hours on? kinda ridiculous. for the kaching (now called wealthfront) one I was scraping prices and trying to automate decisions whenever I got time between classes to run my script. For this one, I just picked a few apples and stuck with them through the shitstorm ;)

Don’t get me wrong. high-frequency trading does have value. Its just better left to computers. The oldschool (pick a few good ones and stick with them) style of investing makes more sense if you want to be a little more normal and human :p

UpDown sucks because they don’t have good enough engineers. The green line (s&p500) is missing parts.

the watchlist is …. well … interesting… some of the numbers are ridiculously cool.. but theres no way to sort by “performance since added” while youre picking them… the only way to do that would be if you were merlin or something :p

But overall, I think I can recognize value when I see it. Need to hone that skill though :)

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