Roles and Responsibilities of a Linux Administrator

The profile of a Linux Administration is “wow” and this is the reason why the renowned companies are following Linux Professionals to have them on their board. The survey conducted by The Linux Job Market names top 10 companies that are in a dire search for Linux Professionals. These names are: Amazon Web Services, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Oracle, Hewlett Packard (hp), Leidos, EMC, and CACI International.

Linux Servers and Workstations

Servers and workstations are the primeval architectural requirements for hindrance-free functioning of any hardware or software. Linux Administrators are the skilled master heroes who take upon themselves the tasks to set up and configure new systems, install and maintain the application software, and coordinate the network connectivity. Having gained expertise in general system administration, Linux Administrator ensures proper maintenance of the Linux Servers and Workstations. The responsibilities therefore include making considerable efforts towards evaluating hardware and software technologies, and ensuring hassle-free network, servers, and workstations.

Development and Production Environment

A Linux Administrator plays a pivotal role in system administration and software deployment. Having learnt and mastered strong OS administration skills, a Linux Administrator coordinates efficiently with the product development team in order to identify, analyze, and provide effective and workable solutions to the issues that otherwise hamper the smooth functioning of the system. Apart from handling discrepancies in the system, a Linux Administrator is also well-trained in lending support in code deployment and in writing and modifying scripts for application deployments. These tasks when put together can be adjudged as vital to a system, and integral to the profile of a Linux administrator.

Technical Know-How

Being a Linux Administrator is exciting! But a Linux Administrator has to have a strong skill set that comprises of OS administration skills on Linux and hands on expertise on Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration. As such, a Linux Administrator has a strong knowledge on Linux Heart Beat Clustering, OS patching skills on UNIX, Solaris 9/10, VERITAS Volume Manager, and SAN related tools. The roles and responsibilities include analyzing troubleshoot problems, and initiating boot processes while simultaneously having an in-depth knowledge of servers, user accounts, and security.

Interpersonal Skills

A successful Linux Administrator has many commendable attributes to his credit. Along with the knowledge of system administration, a Linux Administration has appreciable interpersonal skills that allow him to coordinate with a team involved in other diverse activities that include coding, development, production, testing, and deployment. In addition to these qualities, a Linux Administrator must have other noticeable traits in his/her personality such as self-motivation, flexibility, and a ability to handle stressful situations.

Competent Profile with Competent Salaries

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