7 things I wished designers did more of when working with developers
Valinda Chan

This is a great post. Involving developers and sharing user research findings with developers early in the process really makes a lot of difference.
Though your first point touches on this point, I would also include an additional point to this post that “Find out the ‘fail’ scenarios and use the those findings in the design” 
To elaborate this a little, As a developer, (most of the times) when I get the designs/prototypes I only get the (user)flow assuming everything would run smoothly but seldom the designs/prototypes include error states and then what should happen when an error occurs is mostly an afterthought, sometimes after implementation .. “may be we display a message to user”, “may be we redirect to a 404 page”. My point is that developers would be more likely to tell designers earlier about what could fail and how likely something will fail, based on this input from developers the designers can make the designs/prototypes which are targeted towards error-prevention rather than error handling.

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