The Pessimist

Apart from typing, there’s something else too which I hate the most and that’s editing. My friend suggested me to edit my write ups before publishing and I said to her to go to hell. Obviously, do I need to give clarification why I said so? Neither do I. Anyway, so I’m finally heading back to Bangalore. To be frank enough, there’s nothing new this new year. People are going to be the same, so will work and so will life. I mean I do have several international trips planned, got to travel to attend best friend’s wedding, plans to move to a bigger apartment and so on. But, apart from all that, life’s gonna be the same. I do intend to join the gym. I never understand why we get so lazy to do the important things. Are not we making enemies with ourselves? I mean, what’s the stage scientifically called when someone gets over enthusiastically self destructive? Maybe I went over board. I mean,is skipping gym such a big deal? I thought and thought, I said to myself, maybe it’s not about the gym. It’s about all the important stuff we know we should do, but we don’t. For example, till now I’ve not even barely started looking into universities for higher studies, have not thought about investments nor any savings, have not made plans for the future and the list goes on. We always stall the most important decisions which in turn, on some level, don’t let us, take them. Till we decide our goal, how can we decide the path. Every now and then, we should take out time to think about things. And not to be offensive, but this topic is not for the wannabes who have already figured out life as it is. Today, I’m speaking about only the people like me, who at the age of 26, are yet the make their job their passion, make their rented apartment into a home, thinking twice before deciding to go out or buy something, juggling different shifts to make ends meet, confused and with several dilemmas. Like my dad says, it’s okay to be all that at this age and so was he. I trust him, because I don’t mind living life like him at his age. And also, I trust him because he’s my father. Even after all of this, I come home at the end of the day, happy and contented. I don’t know how ! I don’t know why! Is this a good thing or a bad one in yet to figure out. People say I’m not at all ambitious, and I need to work on it. Is being happy and content in today’s life, a wrong thing? Is there something I’m lacking or something I should be proud of? Man, why one question have several answers? Now, how I’m gonna choose which one is which!