In the month of June, this year I challenged myself.

Read all the books written by Stephen King.

I had just finished reading The Dark Tower, the heart wrenching end to the 8 epic book long Dark Tower series which follows the journey of Roland Deschain of Gilead, the last gunslinger of Mid-World to the Dark Tower.

Though I deviated for a number of times in between reading the books, mostly while reading The Song of Susannah (maybe the Crimson King didn’t want me to finish reading. Maybe I too have a role to play?😉), I did eventually come back to finish the great journey alongside the ka-tet.

I still remember the very first book I had read that was written Stephen King, The Girl who loved Tom Gordon. My cousin had gifted it to me on my birthday and I had read the entire book in two and a half days during which I mostly on the backseat of my father’s Maruti 800 while we were travelling from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar during my summer vacation.

Even though back then I was a teenager who had just finished reading the Prisoner of Azkaban a few months ago, I had never felt the raw excitement and pure nerve-wracking thrill which I had experienced while reading the book and I had read a alot.

When we went back to school at the end of my vacation, I managed to take help of my librarian to look for the Stephen King books available in the library. Shockingly there were none (shocking because it was one of the best school libraries I had every seen and stocked quite a good number of books by Robin Cook).

And that was the not to be the end of this affair.

It took me almost more than 10 years to get read my second Stephen King book which was The Gunslinger (They are making a movie on it now with Edris Alba as Roland 😍).

It was in the month of December during my 2nd Year of Engineering when I when went to the Book fair with my then naive friends who had no idea how I transformed into this totally sugar high tween when I was in the presence of more than 3 books 😂. I had them lugging around me for more than 2 hours as I refused to leave any book stall unvisited as I may lose out on any random fiction novel by any author.

At the end I found a second hand paperback dealer who was selling all the books he had @ Rs. 50 each. I marched into the stall like a war frenzied berserker and started picking up books like there was no tomorrow. In the aftermath I had my hands around 10 books The Shining, The Green Mile, The Gunslinger (DT#1), The Drawing of Three(DT#2), The Wastelands(DT#3), Tommy Knockers which were of Stephen King and entire Hannibal Lector series by Thomas Harris.

Later with the advent of eBooks I managed to be the owner of quite a good number of titles which have kept me distracted from everything around me.

Now 7 years and many books later I still am no where even near 20% completion of the booklist.

So I redefined my challenge to not to read from any other author until I finish the booklist; until I finish my journey.

P.S. Currently reading Doctor Sleep.