Digital Innovation Design

I have taken up Digital Innovation design as m summer course and as interesting the name sounds its gonna be exhausting as well because an entire semester’s work has been compressed into a 6 week course! And if this wasn’t tiring enough, we have to learn coding using Java Script!

On our first class we wrote a code to make an image of a bicycle. Honestly it was a bit confusing but it was very interesting. We used Processing as our medium to code.

Here is the code that we wrote in the class

void setup() {
 size(800, 600); // this is the canvas size
 background(255, 206, 13); // background color
 fill(3, 3, 23); // this is ellipse fill
 float firstWheelX=width*(1.0/3.0); // this is the circle one
 float wheelY=300;
 float secondWheelX=width*(2.0/3.0);
 float wheelRadius=50;
 float topTube=wheelY-wheelRadius-30;
 float gearX=width/2.0;
 ellipse(firstWheelX, wheelY, 100, 100);
 ellipse(secondWheelX, 300, 100, 100);
 stroke(3, 3, 23);
 line(gearX, wheelY, gearX-20, wheelY+20); // pedal #1
 line(firstWheelX, topTube, secondWheelX, topTube); // frame
 line(firstWheelX, topTube, gearX, wheelY);
 line(secondWheelX, topTube, gearX, wheelY);
 fill(160, 32, 240);
 ellipse(gearX, wheelY, 25, 25);
 rect(firstWheelX-20, topTube-45, (secondWheelX-firstWheelX)/3.0, 10); 
 line(gearX, wheelY, gearX+20, wheelY-20); // pedal #1

This is how it turned out to be, This might not look impressive but giving the limited time we had and adding to that making sure every body is in the same page, this was pretty good. We were were given an assignment at the end of the class to code our own bike. We I was a bit nervous but after many trials and looking at the tutorials, I came up with this one:

void setup(){
 float firstWheelX = width*(1.0/3.0);
 float wheelY = 300;
 float secondWheelX = width*(2.0/3.0);
 float wheelDiameter = 100;
 float arcDiameter = 125;
 float topTube = wheelY-(wheelDiameter/2.0)-30;
 float gearX = width/2.0;
 line(firstWheelX, wheelY, gearX,wheelY);//framebottom
 line(firstWheelX, wheelY, firstWheelX+95, topTube+50);//seatconnector
 line(firstWheelX+36, topTube, secondWheelX-70,topTube);//seatconnector
 line(secondWheelX, wheelY, secondWheelX-30,topTube-50);//handleconnector
 line(secondWheelX-30,topTube-50, secondWheelX-60,topTube-50);//handle
 line(firstWheelX,topTube-30,gearX,wheelY); //slant line connecting to seat
 line(secondWheelX-30,topTube-50,gearX,wheelY);// slant line connecting gear
 arc(secondWheelX-30,topTube-62,40,25,PI+HALF_PI, TWO_PI+HALF_PI);
 ellipse(gearX,wheelY,25,25);// gear
 line(gearX,wheelY, gearX-20,wheelY+20);
 line(gearX-20,wheelY+20, gearX-5,wheelY+20);//frontpedal

Though it is not as impressive but somehow it gave me satisfaction after completion. But I know this is just the start and there are lot to learn and I would like to end this blog with a quote from Robert Frost.

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