Asia FastTracks in Review

Our recruitment season over the last four months has been both hectic and exhilarating. In just a few days, we’ll be selecting the cohort of early stage FinTech startups for our 2017 accelerator program in Singapore.

Where did we go and what did we do?

  • 33 countries covered
  • +2,500 startups reviewed
  • 17 FastTrack events in Asia Pacific
  • Additional 4 countries covered with virtual office hours
  • 8 fantastic FinTech socials (example)
  • 212 mentors
  • 94 partners
  • almost 20% increase in applications from 2016 to 2017

The FinTech wave continues to swell, and we’ve been inspired by the growth of emerging (and sometimes unheralded) ecosystems around the region. Here’s what we saw in Phnom Penh and Bangalore.

This year, we travelled further than ever before, hitting up the following cities and engaging with startups through 4 dedicated sessions of virtual office hours:

  • Bangalore
  • Bangkok
  • Delhi
  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Jakarta
  • Manila
  • Melbourne
  • Mumbai
  • Phnom Penh
  • Seoul
  • Shanghai
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Taipei
  • Tokyo
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand

These events allowed us to connect and collaborate with entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, advisors and FinTech influencers across the region.

We received more than 445 program applications, beating last year’s record.

More applications than ever before!

How did our application pool differ from years past?

Perhaps surprisingly, we saw a drop this year in the proportion of applications from companies focusing on blockchain solutions.

Growth areas were InsurTech and Wealth Management.

Encouragingly, there were some very strong FinTech applications from emerging cities that may not typically be considered FinTech powerhouses in the region. The progression seen in the local ecosystems in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand was excellent based on previous years, and heralds a bright future for these emerging FinTech ecosystems.

The Top 20 Startups

Startups attending our Selection Days come from 11 different countries. The two countries with the highest representation are Singapore and Taiwan.

So what’s next?

  • Selection Days for our 2017 cohort take place in Singapore from 1–5 March.
  • Meet Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore’s top 20 FinTech startups and vote for your favourite teams at our FinTech Social at Lattice80 on 3 March.
  • The 2017 accelerator kicks off on 10 April.
  • Demo Day in Singapore will take place on 5 July.

For updates on our startups and our 2017 accelerator program, follow @SBCFinTech!

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