Let me try and explain

  • What the Microsoft Azure Billing API’s are;
  • How to get them working;
  • Why they might impact your business;

What are the Azure Billing API’s?

The Azure Billing APIs can be used to pull usage and resource data into your preferred data analysis tools. They can help you accurately predict and manage your Azure cloud costs.

What does that mean?

Why on earth would you use Custom Policies / User Flows?

This is the 4th part of a series of blog posts integrating Azure B2C with an Angular 6 application.

So far we’ve gone over setting up an Angular 6 application. Then we talked about setting up the Azure B2c Service. The third instalment talked about linking Azure B2c into your Angular 6 application.

This post should help explain what B2C Custom Policies are and why you might want to use them. I will then follow up with an article on how to actually implement them.

Just a note from…

So you’ve got an angular 6 application setup? and you’ve got a B2C tenant setup? Lets link the two and get your users signing up and into your app.

Have you read the first and second article?

If you’ve just accidentally fallen into this article after searching google for one of your uni assignment coursework solutions then I hope I can help.

If not and you have no clue what angular 6 is and no clue what Microsoft B2C is then please read the following:

How to create your first Angular 6 application in less than 5 minutes

You should have the following already setup:

  • One…

Step by step guide to setting up Active Directory B2C in Microsoft Azure

What is Azure Active Directory B2C

Azure Active Directory B2C is a cloud-based identity and access management solution for your consumer-facing web and mobile applications.

It is a highly-available global service that scales to hundreds of millions of consumer identities. Its designed to extend a typical Azure Active Directory instance…

Get the ball rolling with a simple Angular 6 web application running locally on your machine in less than 5 minutes.


This is going to be the start of a series of blog posts explaining how to configure Azure B2C authentication into an Angular 6 application.

If you don’t know what Azure B2C is don’t worry. I’ll be explaining it all later on in the series. For now, If you want to learn how to create a simple Angular 6 application in less that 5 minutes keep reading.

Wait wait wait… Have you got NODE installed?

If you don’t know what node is and haven’t got it installed…

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