Royal Dutch Shell plc. by Mike Mozart (Licensed under Creative Commons)

This past week marked a breakthrough for the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to reconcile protecting both their profits and the planet. After sustained pressure from a number of institutional investors such as the Church of England Pension Board and Robeco — an asset manager, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell moved to tie it’s executives’ pay to emissions output, including emissions generated from the combustion of its own products. It also set targets to cut its net carbon footprint in half by 2050. Considering Shell is the 9th largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world and despite some criticism about…

The possibility of a physical border between North Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is on the table or the first time in a generation, as a result of the UK’s plan to leave Customs Union. This move could feasibly see the return of sectarian tensions, and perhaps even violence, to a region that has been at peace for almost two decades.

Anti-Frontier campaign at the UK-Ireland Border. Getty. Re-published under Fair Use.

Leaving the Customs Union, the agreement that enables the EU to act as a single trading bloc, with common tariffs and customs inspections, means that border checks, and the accompanying physical infrastructure and manpower they necessitate, would be…

Sam Bowers

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