How to stay sane if Trump is driving you insane: Advice from a therapist.
Robin Chancer

Robin, I have a question that I think is important. And I want to preface it with a clear statement of bias: I am not a fan of the Don.

I have heard/read people who say, “they endured 8 years of Obama.” And from my vantage point as a faith leader in Texas, there were definitely some frightened people out there. I know that Fox News and other radio/TV/Internet outlets fanned those flames on purpose too.

I am curious if anyone offered similar mindfulness considerations over the past presidency. Furthermore, thinking of today, how might a faith leader with a politically “split” congregation encourage mindfulness on both sides of the political divide? This article is geared specifically toward people frightened and angry at the current WH occupant. Is there a salve of a bipartisan nature out there?