How to Gain 100+ Facebook Likes in 1 Month

Even if you start from 0, you can gain over 100 Facebook likes on your Page in 1 month. It may sound like a difficult task, but I am going to break down the steps to grow your Facebook Page quickly.

1. Optimize your Facebook Page.

Optimizing means making it appealing to page visitors, filling out all Page features (about section, call-to-action button, other tabs, etc.), and using keywords that will help you show up in Facebook Search. Here’s how to do it:

Profile and Cover Photo

The profile photo should have dimensions of at least 180x180px. If it is larger, that is perfectly fine, but it should always be a 1:1 square ratio. The cover photo should have dimensions of 851x315px. Always remember that a small area is overlapped by the profile photo. If you want to design a cover photo or see what an image will look like as one without publishing it, I recommend using Canva and selecting their Facebook Cover Photo template.

Show your logo in your profile picture so people will automatically recognize your brand. If possible, include people in the image as well. This will humanize your brand and make people more willing to follow your page.

The cover photo should represent your brand; show images that represent what you sell or do that also have a burst of personality. For example, when I made a cover photo for Wendy Maguire’s real estate page, I made sure to showcase her fun personality through quirky fonts and the swirling “pathway to a home” rather than simply using an image of a home.

About Section

The About Section is more than just a company description. Facebook lets you choose from tons of categories to place your page under, create a username for the page, set your hours, write two descriptions, and so much more. Every one of these sections should be filled out if they apply to your business because it will help you show up in Facebook Search.

2. Invite ALL your Facebook friends to like your Page.

Yes, I mean all of them. Invite the ones you haven’t talked to in years. Invite the “friends” that you secretly don’t actually like. Invite your classmates or co-workers. Invite that person who bullied you way back in high school. The point is to invite as many people as possible to like your page to drive up the numbers. Once your friends like the page, your good friends and family will likely start liking and sharing a lot of what you post (and if they don’t, you can always ask them to share something here and there!).

This will be more powerful than you know because once they click “like” or comment on a post, their friends could see your post show up in their feed with the banner that says “Jane liked this post.” The reach of your posts will grow, and hopefully your friends’ friends (and your friends’ friends’ friends and so on) will decide to like your post or page or both!

3. Share interesting content.

I know this is harder than it sounds, so I will also break this one down a bit. Begin by creating buyer personas of your target audience. Doing this is essentially creating a profile (not on Facebook, just a description) of an imaginary person who you think represents your ideal customer. You can do this for different types of customers. For more information, you can read my post on Using Buyer Personas in Your Digital Marketing Plan.

Next, determine what kind of content each of your buyer personas would want to see. Would they like articles, e-books or white papers, images, industry news, company news, video, or something else? Once you determine that, you will be able to curate and create content that will appeal to each buyer persona. In the future, share the types of content that generally has higher engagement rates.

Still need help brainstorming types of content? Here are 10 ideas for what to share on your Page:

  • Company updates
  • Information about products and/or service
  • Custom videos (about the company, how-to’s, testimonials, etc.)
  • Original blog posts
  • Original graphics (showing products or how-to tips)
  • Industry news
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer submitted photos
  • Caption Contest
  • Submit a photo contest (use hashtag or tag your page to enter)

One last thing about sharing content: post consistently. You need to give people a reason to like your page. If they see that you share content that interests them on a regular basis, they will be more likely to follow. Post 3–4 times per week to attract followers and keep them engaged.

4. Use Facebook Ads.

Facebook Advertising can be super cheap. The minimum campaign budget is $5 and minimum daily spend is $1. It costs an average of $0.25 per 1,000 impressions, which means that even if you only spend the minimum, you have the potential to reach 20,000 Facebook users per campaign.

Of course, this is not guaranteed with all Facebook Ads. It depends on the objective chosen, targeting criteria, and timing of the campaign. I like to think it safe to assume $5 will get you at least close to 1,000 impressions once the audience is narrowed down by targeting information.

There are 2 Facebook Ad objectives that will be useful in gaining followers; Page Likes, and Post Boosts. While the Page Likes objective is specifically designed to earn you more followers, strategically boosting post can also gain you followers along with vastly expanding your post reach. I would recommend 1 Page Likes campaign with a larger budget ($10–25) and 2 Post Boosts with smaller budgets ($5 each) to achieve the goal of 100 likes in 1 month.

Page Likes campaigns require an image with dimensions 1200x444px or an 8:3 ratio. It includes a brief, but intriguing caption and features a call-to-action button for users to like your page. This ad objective is a good choice if all you want out of it is likes. Make sure to choose charge per page like rather than impressions so you only get charged when someone takes action.

Results from a $10 Facebook Post Boost

Post Boosts turn your regular page posts into ads by serving the post to your target audience. The best types of posts to boost include contests, promotions, and anything that links to your website. While the primary goal of boosting a post is usually increasing engagement, if you target the right audience and your post is relevant to them, you can gain a good amount of page likes from them as well. Ask for Page Likes in the post and increase the budget to $20+ to really drive follower growth.

Follow these steps and you are on your way to 100 likes in 1 month!

While these results are not guaranteed for everyone, using these techniques will definitely help you at least come close. Continually optimize and makeover your page so it stays up-to-date, consistently post interesting content, and utilize Facebook Ads often to continue growing your follower base and increase engagement.