Scope of Game Development and Design

3 min readJun 17, 2019


Video games are nowadays a matter of craziness beyond age’s limit. From children to adults, all goes mad behind this developing technology. Video game and multimedia is an ever growing industry. They always come up with new advancement in technology. The mastermind behind this skill set are extreme. People are passionate towards this job. The graphics are now pushing the boundaries of reality. Having so much to produce, it’s not a wonder that many wanted to pursue a career in video or mobile game development and design.

There are both video or mobile game developers and designers. Game design refers to many creative aspects of building a video game. Video or mobile game developers usually work in teams to tackle issues such as setting, character, object design, animation, overall mood, style and mechanics of a game. Any work related to visual or creative vision and design of a video game will come from a designer typically in the form of sketches, concept art, animations or storyboards. Video games are really developed by actual programming and is done by game developers also called programmers. Developers work to convert the concepts created by designers into actual, playable product through computer code. Just like game designers developers will often work in teams who are responsible for different components of the game like game play, character development and setting

Game Development Degree

A Degree in Multimedia and Game Development major has been designed to meet the current global demand for skilled graduates in the areas of game and multimedia system development. This major will equip you with skills to apply techniques to the development of video games and related systems on computers and mobile platforms, including devices such as mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices. You will be able to identify approaches to solving real-world problems in video games and multimedia systems. In addition, you will develop traditional computer science skills as well as creative skills including visualization, interaction and communication skills.

Career Opportunities

The area of multimedia and game development field has seen many advances in science and technology such as human computer interaction processing power of microprocessors, modelling of business process, simulation of complex interactions and the omnipresence of the internet have dramatically increased the scope of this field of work. With the advancement in technology, aspiring students get the opportunity to learn, explore and convert ideas into unique output. The area of expertise in this field is vast. Graduates can work into any of the following professions

  • Software developers
  • Process modelling specialists
  • Graphic and animation designers
  • Multimedia creators
  • Systems design and analysis experts
  • Network optimization specialists
  • Human-computer interaction specialists
  • Industrial process simulation experts

Colleges are now offering game development degree course which is diverse into different majors and electives. . And there is no scarcity of students who are optimistic to build creative things. These degree allows them to achieve their dreams.