The Truth

Something powerful is happening in the world of eyewear..

You want to buy eyewear.

You walk into the neighbourhood optical store.

You see big brands displayed at full glory.

They have interesting products and since they are premium brands, you know the quality will be good.

But the frame you like is priced at Rs.10,000 + .

You insist for more options because you want to make a sensible choice.

You’re then shown lesser known brands at low prices but you can see they are of inferior quality.

You are left with no choice.

You appreciate style and quality, so you decide to pay a premium.

But you know that you overpaid.

And no-one tells you why that happened.

This changes today. We are here to tell you all you need to know.

Lack of transparency had made the beautiful world of eyewear a little unfair.

Most brands you are aware of, and controlled by the same group. They charge a premium because they account for designing, manufacturing, retailer and transportation costs. also simply because they can.

The optical store in your neighbourhood keeps these brands and adds a huge retail mark-up so they can earn a cut and maintain the running costs of their store.

This is why you are being overcharged. and that is why your options are limited if you want good quality and trendy eyewear.

But, here’s what we did -

We took control of design, manufacturing and the entire supply chain. This allowed us to sell eyewear of the highest quality and trendiest deigns at prices unheard of. Until now.

In doing what we did — we changed everything.

Six months ago, I embarked on this journey to solve this problem. We earned the backing of a lot of credible institutions and individuals.

We decided we won’t sell eyewear to our consumers. We will interact with consumers and help them buy what they need- but only after deciphering that need. And that’s why we are bringing talented, well-educated youngsters at our storefront in a format we call Retail Leadership Development Program — to speak to consumers, and to help them make a sensible choice

Brands often form a wall with consumers- they scream BUY, DISCOUNT, OFFER, CASH-BACK. Consumers consume them transactionally, but don’t really relate to them emotionally. Consumers need to be able to say “I can relate to John Jacobs- it’s a philosophy, not just a product”. Why do brands have complex prices: A four digit price with four different numbers ending invariably with a 9 or a 5. Why confuse consumers? We decided to be transparent. And changed to a simple, clean and sensible INR 4000 price-point.

Prescription Eyewear is a unique category- can’t merely be sold on an app. It isn’t just a shirt or a dress. Consumers need to try products before they hop online. Which is why we opened a few retail stores. And we are launching in a new city (Bengaluru) next month with more stores.

The times, indeed, are changing. Watch this space for more!

Signing off,