Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

Zero spend weekend was a success! Sort of! (It wasn’t.)

I finally pruned my book collection of all the rich dead white guy literature that I’m officially too misandrist to tolerate displaying on my shelves. Got $35 for them at the local used book store.

…whiiiiiiiiich I turned around and spent on plants for the apartment. So it’s kinda like no spend because I earned my money before I spent it? But also I spent it, so there’s that.

On the bright side, I learned that the bird of paradise plant is only mildly toxic to cats and dogs! They’ll get a little pukey if they eat a ton of it, but it won’t kill them. I’m on a never-ending quest to find pet-safe plants for the apartment that I can ALSO keep alive. So far the only thing is money trees, bromeliad, and little cacti that live in a terrarium, so this is a pretty big win, as far as houseplants go.

So anyway: Estimated $0, spent $35.

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