When Life Asks to Dance

This is how it goes. You wake up one morning to find life holding out its hand. He wants to tango. “Tango?” you reply, confused. You’re equally flattered and intimidated; you enjoy dancing but tango is particularly foreign to you. Nevertheless, you take life’s hand and he begins to glide you in every direction, sliding his hand along the small of your back before sending you in a twirl. You’re tense and tripping on your own feet. You feel exceptionally anxious when you realize that you’re vulnerable to each movement. You’re an amateur. Tango isn’t something you practice regularly, or ever if you’re being honest with yourself. You want to let go and join the onlookers, but as life tightens its grip on your waist you realize that if life is leading the dance, you must learn to respond to his movements. You look him in the eye and wink. After all, it takes two to tango.

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