The Rejection Series — The Email

This is really putting my neck on the line. I’m being open and frank about rejection. Below are some* of the emails I’ve received after being rejected. They vary across a large span of time and vary from full-time jobs to summer internships. I’m putting this out there at a time when many graduates will receive these emails, letters and hit lows of disappointment. We are all in the same boat but that shouldn’t be a reason not to pursue your dreams and goals.

In a world where we only show our best self on the internet here’s times when I haven’t been up to par or not exactly what they were looking for.

Every email I receive I have always asked for points of improvement and have taken away lessons to learn for improvement. If you know someone who’s going through their own job hunt or career switch and being blocked please do share this with them. If anything it will hopefully give them a little hope.

*(there a plenty of emails that I didn’t receive..)

Google — Final Stage Interview

Hi Sam,

I’m afraid I won’t be available at that time. I was ringing to advise that unfortunately, the team have decided not to move ahead with your application at this time. While the team were impressed with your leadership and interpersonal skills, they advised they’re seeing other candidates who are more suited toward the project this summer.

Sorry that it isn’t better news. I did try looking into other positions that would match your skill set, but unfortunately, I do not see any roles that are a good match at this time. That being said, we’ll be in touch if we do find another opening that might be a good match for you.

Thanks for all the time you’ve put into exploring a role at Google and I wish you the best of luck with your studies and other roles in the future.

Kind regards,


Droga5 — Blank CV submission

Hi Sam,

Thank you for applying to be a Strategy Intern at Droga5.

We have reviewed your application and at this time have decided to move forward with other candidates. Our careers page is always up to date so please check back for future openings and stay tuned for next year’s internship program.

Thank you again for your interest and best of luck.



Innovation Consultancy (Fearlessly Frank) — Through a recruiter

Hi Sam,

I’ve been trying to reach you all day -unfortunately Dominika has decided not to continue the process as she didn’t feel you demonstrated enough strategic/structured thinking.

Anything else that comes up I will let you know.


Still waiting to get a coffee…

Hi Sam,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We have been inundated with applications for the vacancies advertised on our website. As a result, I’m afraid we have a few candidates with experience that is better suited to the roles we have on offer. For this reason, I’m afraid that I will not be inviting you through to the interview stage of the process.

That said, I really like your cv, so I was wondering if you’d like to meet for a coffee in a few weeks? That way I could put a face to a name and keep you in mind in case a role comes up in future.

Let me know if that sounds okay and if so, when you’d be free.

With thanks,

JWT — Didn’t hear back email

Hi Sam,

We’ll be making our selections tomorrow.


Director of Creative Talent

J. Walter Thompson New York

Berlin Cameron United — Internship (after interview)


We simply had applicants with more experience in the industry and also the ability to work full time and extend their work if needed. We generally limit student internships to the summer when there are multiple interns in the office, business is slower, and we can spend more time teaching. But for the fall/winter we are looking for someone who is more experienced, can jump in with the work somewhat autonomously, and and is able to join the team more permanently if needed.

If you are looking to intern in NYC in the summer, feel free to reach out again around April when we begin to conduct those interviews!

Thanks again,

Berlin Cameron United |

Google — 1st Attempt after 3 stages

Hi Sam,

Thank you for applying to the 2016 BOLD Internship Program. At this time, we will not be moving forward with your application. The BOLD Internship is a highly competitive program and we received an overwhelming number of applications for a limited number of internship positions. While we can’t share specific feedback about your application, we appreciate the time you spent applying to this opportunity.

We encourage you to check out future and full time opportunities at If you are looking for other ways to get involved with Google, check out the Google Online Marketing Challenge.


Rebeca, on behalf of the Intern Team

JWT — Email after CV submission

Dear Sam,

Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Summer Internship program at J. Walter Thompson. I enjoyed speaking with you and was very impressed with your background.

As you can imagine, however, we see many qualified candidates with outstanding credentials. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of openings at this time and will not be able to pursue your candidacy further.

I wish you great success in your internship search.


Human Resources

J. Walter Thompson

Marketing Consultancy Role — After Interview

Hi Sam,

We have finished our interview process and unfortunately we have gone with another candidate. You have a wonderful set of skills and great experience and because of that we will keep your resume on file for any future internships or job opportunities that arise. Thank you for taking the time to interview with me, it was a pleasure speaking with you!

Best wishes,

Being called Ken — Agency I will not name…

Hi Ken,

Unfortunately, this role is no longer being offered. Thank you for returning the info below and I will be happy to keep your resume on file for our Summer Position starting in May if interested.


Please share with anyone you know who’s going through the hunt and hopefully this can give someone a glimmer of hope.