People At The Andela Boot-camp

In a certain 20th century poem, the closing declaration was that hell is working in a team. The persona was a cricket a player who felt that working in a team was not rewarding for him. Well, that’s outright opposite of what I believe. Having been in the Andela Boot-camp for 3 days now, I can only re-affirm that indeed, heaven is being in a team
Hello there. I have been giving so much of the daily routine here. Regarding that, nothing has changed, except that we are now deeper inside the flask. We are making gradual but enormous steps forward. For today, let me serve a different dish. let me change the tone and tell you about the wonderful people I met at the boot-camp.
Candyman- a facilitator among us

All protocols observed, allow me to start with our facilitator, the Candy man. Do not worry much about the name.I have also not unraveled the motivation behind it. The guy is reachable and responsive. Always ready to assist when anyone hits a block. He is more of a teammate than a facilitator. 
Yvonne- the solid rock
Then there is this lady by the name Yvonne. She is quite new to programming thus it’s normal for her to hit some blocks. I am impressed by her devotion and steadfastness. Her greatest strength is her willpower and determination. She won’t give up even in the toughest situation. I am very sure she will keep moving despite the tides ahead.
Fatherly James

Actually, my first encounter was with this guy James, we somehow found ourselves in the wrong hangout call in the first day. This guy is cool and composed. He is that guy who blends humor with earnestness.
Brotherly Lenny

Finally, this guy takes the attributes of both Yvonne and James. He is hilarious and jovial. He is motivated and resilient. That is Lenny for you.