Two years ago

I finished my military service in Taiwan two years ago, then I came to Singapore to find a job directly.

But after one face interview and some phone calls, I found that I don’t have any advantage to compete with locals or other foreign professionals. I quickly realized that my English skills were not good enough for working in the English countries. Besides, most companies only want to hire experienced foreigners and local graduates. Therefore, it was hard to find a decent job Initially.

Finally, a start-up company was willing to give me a chance to “work for free”. They said unfortunately, we don’t have enough budget to hire you, but we don’t mind you work for us. What I had at that time were only confidence and Chinese skills. Hence, I accepted it and treat this is an opportunity to improve my English and understand the local culture.

My English started to improve after I have worked for a while. Meanwhile, I understand that if I want to survive in the Singaporean work environment as a foreigner. I must have some hard skills that cannot be replaced easily. So, I leverage my background (I studied Mechanical Engineering before) to find another job as a mechanical engineer. But soon I found that IT and finance are promising industry here. I was thinking if I can combine mechanical engineering with IT. Thus, I applied for an IT postgraduate program at NUS. Luckily, I had a chance to enhance hard skills there. After I studied IT,

I found that mechanical engineering is quite similar to IT. One is to deal with a tangible product, the other is an intangible product. The way to design and produce are different, but both have to be maintained and fulfill the business and users’ goal.

I am on my way to be a good product manager in Fintech field now. There are a lot of people helping me on the road. Thank them and I won’t let them down.