Why you shouldn’t underestimate the mobile power

Every marketers in the world knows the power of mobile advertising in this era. We knows the importance to being there every time people connect with their smartphones. “being there”means we provide the information that our target needs in the right time and in the right place. I believed as a marketers you know what is that called. Yep, Micro-moments.

This is a couple of things that mobile advertising can give to you,

  1. Advance targeting

Mobile can bring your targeted ads to the next level. mobile is the part of people’s life. they personalized their smartphones, you will know their interest, what news that they read in the morning, what apps that they frequently used and also you can find their locations, where they tend to hangout at the weekends, where they spent their lunch-time on the weekdays,etc.

2. #np wherever you will go — The calling

Hahaha, I mean from the statistics, Smartphone penetration forecast in Indonesia will be around 43.2% at 2017 and will touch 47.6% at 2019 according to this source. and what i mean with “wherever you will go”is that people will treat smartphone as their part of their life, they will bring to wherever they go, using smartphone for texting, play games, browsing, read news, shopping,etc. Imagine what marketers can do with that, we can define our target and engage them by their activity on their smartphones.

3. The ability to control your budget in real-time

You can choose the method according to your objective and budget. like CPC (Cost per click), CPI (Cost per install), CPA (Cost per Acquisition). you can set your budget and you can run and pause according to your ads performance.

4. Track everything like you stalk your ex- girl/boyfriend

The ability to track everything you when you run some campaign is one of the advantages of mobile advertising. you can track your ads performance based on your objective,goals and KPI’s. Get insights from that, evaluate,improve your campaign and run a better campaign.