Standing Rock isn’t about Standing Rock.

Recently at the community college where I teach several students have gotten recognition for going to Standing Rock from California. And well deserved! But why is this such a big deal? Why Standing Rock? Of all the environmental atrocities around the world… Of all the colonization of different peoples that our government and corporations do everywhere… Why Standing Rock?

Here’s what’s so big about standing rock: We Americans who care about living in balance with our natural resources and our environment believe in a past world where the Original Americans took care of everything and lived in balance with the earth. They are a symbol of what we wish to be.

We know that now more than ever we need to live in balance with the earth….

Or, the human race will suffer a population collapse. It’s that simple. Anyone who has a modest amount of education and brain power can see that clearly. We don’t know when, but we studied population collapse in 8th grade biology. Pollution and overpopulation and destruction of native lands are all part of the problem. The end is obvious, the timing is uncertain.

Yes, there are those who believe in the rapture or that divine intervention will prevent this obvious calamity. 
I will not address that here except to say that god’s wrath is unlikely to come down on those who make a contingency plan.

So Standing Rock has become an external physical manifestation of an internal sickness. The sickness of living a life knowing that it’s unsustainable and not doing anything significant about it.
I am cozy in my unsustainable life-
I am unwilling to stop the machine within myself and so I want the Native Americans and the protestors with time to support them to stop it for me.

Well here’s something you may not have considered- The Native Americans don’t have the answers anymore. Their world was radically different from the world we live in today. They have the historical essence and the spiritual connection to the earth, and we obviously can learn from that. 
But this pipeline yay or nay will not bring the human race into balance with the earth. Putting your latte cup in the blue bin won’t either. What will? Will you stand up and take action?

Despite the recent good news from North Dakota, I am looking within. I’m hoping to find out how I can stand up for Standing Rock every single day, because it isn’t just about Standing Rock. Standing Rock is about the next seven generations of life on earth.