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Photo by Claire Mueller on Unsplash

When my neighbor texted me yesterday to say our local grocery store had just brought in a toilet paper shipment, angels sang.

“Do you want me to grab you some? It’s crazy here; I don’t think any will be left by this afternoon.”

“Yes. Double yes. I don’t care what kind. Bring on 1-ply. I survived outhouses and septic systems. Whatever they have, please.”

Later that day, we traded cash for goods. It felt a little weird. Like I had just snagged some black market VHS tapes. I tucked the spools of golden glory into my coat, lest I be…

Samantha Crowe

Dr. Sam Crowe is a coach, recovering neuroscientist, and Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator who advocates for courageous, human-centered living and leading.

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