Day 9: Being a Racist

My skin crawled last week when this headline popped up on my phone:

Palin calls Trump protests “punk-ass…thuggery.”

Thug is my *least* favorite word in the English language.

To be clear, thug is a substitute for n*gger. It is used when someone wants to say something nasty about a person of color, but stops just short of dropping the n-bomb. I would rather someone say what she really means than use a substitute and sneak out the backdoor when she’s confronted for being racist.

I shared this thought with a friend last week, and was surprised when he admitted he’d never thought of the word that way.

I wanted to share this thought with you incase you hadn’t thought about it either.

Please stop saying thug. Call your friends out when that say it, too.

It’s an awful word.

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