Launching Dio Regina

Hello world,

On the beautiful morning of 12th June 2016 in California, I graduated from Stanford with an MBA. It was a warm feeling to leave Stanford. After school, all I wanted was to move back to India. When my friends asked, why India? My heart said “to make a difference”. With packed bags, hugs from some of the best people I ever met, and a boarding pass, I was at San Francisco International Airport to take a flight to India. I have always had hard time leaving the places I loved the most — India and Stanford.

One thing I enjoy the most is technology. I just love tech. After moving back, I traveled in India to look at various businesses. Had food with the locals, visited old factories, spent hours listening to people owning big businesses and couch surfing in different cities. I noticed that most of the traditional businesses are far from the use of technology and still uses old practices in production, operation, supply chain and sales. I decided to move back to Rajasthan and start my own company.

I grew up in pockets of Rajasthan, the house to many royal families and with a rich history. What a beautiful place to be from! Growing up here taught me one very important lesson: “Great people make you feel that you, too, can make a difference”. My hometown, Jaipur, is the world capital of gemstone and silver jewelry. And India itself is the second largest jewelry market in the world. Yet, no global fashion jewelry brand emerged out of Jaipur or even India. What came up as a shock to me was that less than 1% of the jewelry is sold online. And those, who are already selling online offer really bad user experience. Hence, this industry is in utter need of disruption, considering India’s young population where more than 800 million people are under the age of 35, and mostly addicted to internet and mobile.

We are a team of five, working hard to bring our first product to the world. As we grow, we will add features like Augmented Reality for virtual try-on, global crowd-sourced design platform for cross-cultural designs, rental model, international shipments, a design center in Europe and a technology development center in US.

2017 will never be same again as for many of us. My team and I are excited to present Dio Regina to you:

Happy shopping :)