Learn About The Latest Angular Version, Angular V4

Dear readers, don’t get surprised as Angular 4.0.0 is out in the market immediately after Angular 2 which was released in September 2016. You may have some questions about the Angular 3? Why did they suddenly bump up the version from v2 to v4? In this article, you are going to find the answers to these questions as well as unveil the new features which are added to Angular 4.0.0.

Angular V4

What’s new in Angular 4.0.0?

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Ever questioned about how you will upgrade your apps to Angular 4.0?
Angular 2.0 to Angular 4.0

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss upgrading your web applications running on angular 2 to angular 4. It is very easy to upgrade web applications from angular 2 to angular 4, where you won’t find any complication but only performance edge and high operational speed over your existing angular 2 web applications. All you need is to to use NPM through command line for updating your projects composer.json file on the following operating systems which you may be using.

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