A Curated List of Tools & Resources for Non-techs

NoCode has now launched in BETA and open for any suggestions/ feedback for the next week before the site officially launches in early October with more resources and many more features.

Current NoCode [BETA] SplashΒ Page

As previously mentioned in my first post, the initial idea for NoCode was born after creating various websites and small businesses without a tech background and an extremely low (Β£0) budget. After years of accumulating various tools, resources and hacks held in spreadsheets, notebooks, Evernote and bookmarks I decided to create my own online resource for non-techies on a shoestring budget.

I personally feel not enough people know about the plethora of resources and tools out there that don’t require any prior knowledge of web design, marketing or graphic design.

I want to show people the tools that can lower the barriers to entrepreneurship and help them build amazing websites and businesses without a gigantic budget or years of technical expertise. I believe website creation should be for the many, not just theΒ few.

Early mockup

I decided to launch the website in BETA for some initial feedback from the community before officially launching in October. Any feedback is welcome and is much appreciated. Feel free to post links on social media and pass onto friends, I have made sure the website mentions it’s in beta stage. In particular, feedback regarding the following would be extremely helpful:

  • features that may be missing?
  • recommendations of tools, resources or hacks you think should be featured at launch?
  • dead/ broken links

To provide feedback please leave a comment or use the contact form on the website.

I’m trying to reach as many people as possible using limited means. If you know anyone that would be interested in testing NoCode, please click the little green button below.