Should I advertise my home on social media? The social media manifesto of a real estate agent.

Social media marketing can often be confusing, thats why it’s important to seek professional help. Image courtesey of Forbes.

As we edge closer towards 2017, it’s important to recognise the focus of our lives has shifted. In less than a decade social taboos like online dating have evolved to become normal, banking has moved into our pockets and TV is no longer only in our living rooms. Someone with a smart phone today possesses more access to information than they ever have before.

With our attention firmly focussed on the mobile screen in front of us, marketers need to position property advertising in front of people where they will see it. In my experience sellers that have met multiple agents can be hesitant to consider using social media as part of their marketing campaign, with the options typically presented to them it’s easy to understand why.

In Canberra, most real estate agencies use social media with varying degrees of success. Agencies typically have large databases but have very limited interaction with their posts. The most common option they present when offering a social campaign to sellers is a one size fits all approach that takes content already available via online portals and converts it into sponsored posts. From a consumer’s perspective, where is the value?

There are some agents who do social media exceptionally well, typically they do most of below;

- Content adds value to their marketplace 
- They have a great photographer
- Post video content
- Their posts create a conversation
- It’s not all about real estate
- They engage with their followers

For the few forward thinkers’ there are incredibly cost effective solutions like Facebook & Instagram advertising that if used property can add value to other traditional mediums. To help you, consider engaging a specialist social media agency to create a solution that will maximise the impact of your campaign. Sellers considering this approach should audit their selling agent to make sure they can substantiate their ability to deliver a campaign. If not, insist on a professional to help them.

As a late adapter to social media, I have converted my thinking to see real value in this approach. Recently campaigns for two townhouse developments generated significant click throughs to the webpage, which came through as leads and converted into sales. In my opinion a professional social media campaign should be an integral part of marketing any property.

My plan for 2017 is simple, I am going to engage with the community and broadcast the result at scale. It’s been humbling to see that in only a short time I’ve accrued over 3100 active Instagram followers. I recognise that my Facebook Page needs some work and I firmly believe that by shifting the content published I will achieve growth on this platform as well.

Selling off plan projects gives me access to a world that most of the market don’t get to see, it’s the process of how an old building or vacant block turn into architectural marvels. It’s the process of how the creative team bring the Architect & Developers vision to life. Being a part of this journey will allow the community to have a greater understanding of the project and the ability to provide their feedback in real time.

To make this possible I am looking for a videographer who wants to be part of the team, if you or anyone you know is interested, get in touch.

Once this partnership has been finalised we will be actively talking to the people changing our City including Community Leaders, Business Owners and people with an interesting story to tell from all walks of life. If you would like to share your story email or find me on Instagram @sam_dodimead

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