“CubeDads” Collection — 505 NFTs for all dudes!

5 min readMar 14, 2023


Greetings, fellow art enthusiasts and NFT collectors! My name is Sametron, I am a very “3D” person, the first “D”, I am a dad of two, and second, a simply “dude” and also a digital artist. I’m excited to introduce my latest creation to the world: “CubeDads.” As a digital NFT artist, I’ve always been drawn to the world of 3D pixel art and the limitless creative possibilities it offers. With “CubeDads,” I’ve combined my passion for art with the power of the blockchain to create 505 unique CubeDads 3D Pixie NFTs on the Ethereum network. Each of these NFTs represents the passion and drive of the DDDs, who are born to do what they love. In this article, I’ll take you on a journey through the DDD project and share my experience of how these NFTs can inspire you to unleash your inner doer.

505 never-before-seen CubeDads 3D Pixie NFTs will soon reveal on the Ethereum blockchain! Claim and mint now to own a piece of this unique and awesome collection!

Crafting CubeDads: From AI Exploration to 3D Pixel Art

Transparency is a fundamental value that I uphold, and thus, I want to be upfront about my use of cutting-edge AI tools, such as Midjourny, Stable Disfussion, and OpenAI Point-E, to explore the boundless potential of digital art. I believe that maintaining a fresh perspective is crucial in all aspects of life, including watching my son grow, which has kept me learning and evolving every day. I apply the same approach to my art, striving to remain up-to-date with the latest forms and styles. Although ultra-realistic AI-generated art may not appeal to everyone’s taste, it has inspired me to experiment with different shapes and forms, leading me to create my unique style of digital art.

Text prompt “Pixelated Dad” with Midjourny

I became particularly drawn to 3D pixel art, using square cubes to create a more digital and pixelated style. To bring my vision to life, I turned to Blender, utilizing its versatile tools to craft each unique cubic dad. The process was both challenging and enjoyable. After several hours, I created my first dude and spent the following days testing different combinations of logical and aesthetic elements, such as colors, patterns, and individual identities. At this point, my collection wasn’t yet named “CubeDads,” but I had already rendered my first 100 characters, which I called “Pixelverse Dreamers.”

My first 100 Pixel Avatars named Pixelverse Dreamers

From “Pixelverse Dreamers” to “CubeDads

Creating the “CubeDads” NFT collection was a challenging yet fulfilling experience for me as an artist. Being someone without a background in IT, each step in the process was a new learning curve. Initially, I uploaded the first 100 NFTs of my “Pixelverse Dreamers” collection one by one on the Opensea platform without fully understanding the concept of metadata. I froze some of them, while others lacked proper planning, causing inconsistencies in formats and descriptions. To overcome these hurdles, I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos to grasp smart contracts, the differences between ERC721, ERC721A, and ERC1155, the gas concept, and storing files on IPFS network. I experimented with various formats such as GIFs, larger art pieces, video formats, and GLB files to make it more dynamic. However, despite the trial and error, the first 100 NFTs did not turn out as expected, leading me to start over with a new approach. I decided to start over and adopted a new approach of creating each piece as an idea popped into my head instead of dreaming big. Despite the challenges, my passion for expressing myself through art never faltered. Every pixel and line of code presented an opportunity to learn, grow, and push my creative boundaries. Finally I was able to create 505 unique pieces for the “Dood Doo Do” collection that I was satisfied with. Through this journey, my passion for creating NFT art and expressing myself never wavered, I can showcase my passion and creativity with the world. “As a dude, I simply do!”

360 Angles

My “CubeDads” NFT collection is my way of sharing my love for pixel art and hopefully inspiring others to appreciate its beauty as well. The world of pixels fascinates me, and I enjoy discovering the infinite possibilities that can be created from just a few tiny blocks of color. It hasn’t always been easy — I had to learn everything from scratch and make a lot of mistakes along the way. But every challenge and setback taught me something new and helped me grow as an artist.

This collection is the culmination of my hard work and determination, but it’s also just the beginning of my journey in the NFT and pixel art space. I have so many more ideas and concepts that I can’t wait to bring to life. In fact, my next project will be a sweet one: a collection that documents the pixel journey of my first child and the upcoming newborn.

As a father and an artist, I hope to encourage everyone to keep exploring and never stop creating. And when you come across a pixel that speaks to you, remember that it’s not just a random collection of colors — it’s the result of hours of dedication and artistic ingenuity. I invite you to appreciate the unique beauty and creativity of each piece in my collection, and to join me in celebrating the magic of pixel art.”


If you’re a fan of pixel art, 3D creations, or just looking for a unique addition to your NFT collection, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Let’s celebrate the spirit of the CubeDads together and explore the endless possibilities of the blockchain and digital art. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and connect with me on Discord to stay updated on upcoming projects. Thank you for your support and let’s keep creating!

Thanks for reading!

Discord: sametron#3065