Epilepsy and Me : Epilepsy Awareness Day 2014 at Disneyland Resort

Filmed at the 1st ever Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland Resort, in Los Angeles, in November 2013. It was filmed and edited by Sam Downie, and released for Epilepsy Awareness Week in the UK which is celebrated each year in February.

This short film is a new series of films and podcasts called ‘Epilepsy and Me’.

The film features interviews with Dr Diane Stein, Brad Levy and children and parents who have Epilepsy / seizures. We talk about how it affects us, and why. We also talk about bringing Epilepsy out from the shadows of ignorance to help talk about it by breaking the stigma.

More information on the yearly free Expo and the fantastic day in the Disneyland Park, visit : www.epilepsyawarenessday.org and also follow @EpilepsyDisney on Twitter for up to date news.

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