Media coverage of END Epilepsy Walk (LA) and Epilepsy Awareness Day & Expo at Disneyland Resort — November 2017

Sam Downie
Oct 15, 2017 · 7 min read

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE . [Updated: 28th October 2017]

BRISTOL, UK — Starting on Sunday November 5th, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, join SAM DOWNIE a disabled British “mojo” (mobile journalist), Stage + Film + TV Actor, Voiceover, Podcaster, and Production Geek — for live coverage (photos, tweets and live webcasts on Facebook LIVE) of the start of Epilepsy Awareness Month (November 2017) in U.S.A

Follow @samdownie on Twitter → ( ) ; Visit his Website →( ) ; and Visit his Facebook pages for updates and coverage →( ) and ( ).

Sam Downie was born with Spina Bifida and Epilepsy. He also has Aspergers (Autism). Sam has a rare genetic condition/syndrome.

Actor, Voiceover, Model, Mobile Journalist and UK Ambassador for Epilepsy Awareness Day — Sam Downie

Sam is open and honest about living with the conditions, he documents living with seizures as well as running training to corporates and charities about the conditions.

As an advocate, Sam promotes education and awareness about Epilepsy, his goal is to help everyone understand what a seizure looks like and what to do if they see someone having a seizure. The more everyone talks about Epilepsy and seizures, the less people living with the condition have to fear discrimination, worry about receiving improper first aid, or keep their Epilepsy and seizures, hidden in the shadows because of stigma and ignorance.

3.4 Million people live with Epilepsy, in the USA. Worldwide it’s 65 Million.

One in 3 people in the U.K. will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime — regardless of age, race, or gender. In the U.S. it’s 1 in 26.

Epilepsy is a complex disease encompassing many types of seizures, each person with epilepsy is different. A third of the people with epilepsy live with uncontrolled seizures because no available treatment works for them. Many more live with serious side effects from their medication as the price of seizure control.

Despite being one of the world’s oldest know medical conditions, fear and misunderstanding still surround Epilepsy and seizures, making many people reluctant to talk about it. That reluctance leads to lives lived in the shadows, discrimination & bullying in workplaces and communities, and a lack of funding for new therapies research.

That’s why Sam Downie talks about it!

Sam Downie is traveling from Bristol, South West England to Los Angeles, under his own funding, to volunteer and cover two amazing events — to kick off Epilepsy Awareness Month in North America, November 2017.

He starts his trip off in San Francisco, where he will be visiting various Technology Companies and Start-ups, delivering a “training” talk on ‘Epilepsy Awareness, First Aid for Seizures and Great Tech Medical ID’s’. Sam will also take some time in this visit to go to both ends of Silicon Valley & the Bay Area, he will also do some hikes in Berkeley, and a Beach walk also.

On Saturday 4th November, Sam fly’s from SFO to Disneyland Resort….


Author Lowell Evans , of The Village

At Disneyland, Sam Downie will be joined by author Lowell Evans ( author of ‘The Village’ ) who has Epilepsy himself.

The Village is a fictional storybook about a man who has Epilepsy, called Kevin Bolden, a man who represents epilepsy, this is a story about how he lives with seizures. Buy the Book directly from Lowell Evans, email him at →


On Sunday 5th November, both Sam and Lowell will make their way from Disneyland Resort to the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, Los Angeles — to volunteer as “mojo” (mobile journalists) at the Walk to End Epilepsy.

Like the Sam in this video above, Sam Downie, also has Epilepsy.

Sam Downie who is an experienced journalist and broadcast presenter will be joined by Author Lowell Evans — we will be volunteering at the Walk to End Epilepsy run by the The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles , to volunteer with the Facebook LIVE team to help film, broadcast and capture the event. We will be interviewing individuals, families, epilepsy doctors/ neurologists and various Celebrities taking part at the event.

The event starts at 8AM and closes at 12 Noon.

More information can be found at : , with the live stream on Facebook at : and , Starting LIVE at around 8.30AM !

Actress Jane Lynch takes selfie with a fan at the Walk To End Epilepsy 2016
Actor Greg Grunberg , Rick Harrison ( from Pawn Stars ) and Jane Lynch , on stage at Walk to End Epilepsy 2016

Listen to the Radio interview from 100.3FM The Sound (LA), here from Susan Pietsch, Executive Director of Epilepsy Foundation (Greater Los Angeles), and Dara and Juno Pierre-Louis. Hear about The Walk to End Epilepsy plus, Dara and Juno share their family’s story. LISTEN HERE →


The second event is, Epilepsy Awareness Day EXPO and Day, at Disneyland Resort Park, in Anaheim, California. Visit the Website at :

Sam Downie is the U.K. Ambassador for the event !

Epilepsy Awareness Day and Expo at Disneyland Resort, November 2017

Join Sam Downie and Lowell Evans — from Monday 6th November until 8th November for coverage from this unique Epilepsy educational Expo (main day Tuesday 7th November) and the fantastic and fun Day in Disneyland Park (on Wednesday 8th November, 2017).

Visit the website at :

Sam will be interviewing some of the world’s leading experts, doctors and neurologists in Epilepsy. He will also be speaking to the many attendees with Epilepsy, young and old to tell their own stories living with seizures, the side effects of medications, as well as the stigma that takes place.

The schedule of Talks by doctors and experts is now available, we shall be interviewing some of these experts in Epilepsy and Seizures:


Please note: All times are in PST (Pacific Standard Time), which is -7 hours behind the U.K.

Sunday 5th November from 8.30AM PST for the Walk to End Epilepsy, from the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles.

Watch on Facebook LIVE here : and Tune in to Sam’s own broadcasts via Facebook LIVE here :

The broadcast’s will end around 12 noon PST, and archived there after.


All the live Broadcasts from Disneyland, will be on Facebook LIVE here : , here’s the Schedule:

Monday 6th November in the afternoon for a Epilepsy Awareness Day pre-event broadcast.

Then from 9.30AM PST on Tuesday 7th November join Sam and Lowell on the main broadcast from the Epilepsy Awareness Day Expo featuring interviews. The broadcast will end around 5pm on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday 8th November from 09.30AM PST, join Sam and Lowell from Disneyland Resort for coverage from inside Disneyland Park.

Make sure you tune in to the broadcasts via Facebook LIVE here :


Sam’s LIVE broadcasts and Edited videos, will be archived “after the fact” and made available on his YouTube channel at : , on his Vimeo channel at : , as well as his own website at : , and at the Bristol Epilepsy Facebook Page at .

Blog posts with photos will also be written, and posted on Medium, here:


Any person with a brain, can have a seizure. Any brain, at any age… so everyone needs to know about seizure first aid. There are different types of seizures and epilepsies that affect women and men of all ages, races, and ethnic groups. The Epilepsies are disorders/diseases of the brain with different causes, such as head trauma, genetics, inflammation, infection, brain malformation, stroke, birth injury and more. Epilepsy is the underlying tendency of the brain to produce sudden abnormal bursts of electrical energy that disrupt other brain functions. Seizures are the symptoms of Epilepsy.

Currently, there is no cure for Epilepsy.

© Sam Downie | Dsoundz Media . October 2017

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