VR World Congress 2017 — Notes

Hello. Here’s my notes to my talk, given at the VR World Congress that took place in Bristol from April 11th (also my 42nd Birthday) to April 13th, 2017. Search for #VRWC17 . Visit : www.vrworldcongress.com and Tweet to http://twitter.com/VRWorldCongress

Title of Talk: 360 Docs: Bringing Domestic Abuse into the light

Domestic Abuse is around us but how much of it is focused upon silent voices? Such as Men, the Disabled, Deaf, Blind, Gay and Bi sexual. How do you hear from them? and Why don’t you hear from them enough?

My talk is about a 360 VR ‘Short Film’ based around a Male Deaf survivor of Domestic Abuse and how he was treated by the Police as a perpetrator instead of being a Victim.

Producing 360 films for Police training for example, helps to identify these “Silent Voices”, it helps to bring the subject into the light, and gets people to ask more deeper questions into the reasons of the Abuse.

In my talk — I’ll talk about how I took a 2D version of this film and turned it into 360 VR. I’ll talk about the steps and approach in Why remake/remix this film into 360 VR and why is this approach needed ? (is it a better way to raise awareness in 360 VR video perhaps?!) I’ll also give an insight in to the production and editing, and the tools and plugin’s used, to create the final 360 version.

Gender Free DV logo — Domestic Abuse doesn’t discriminate, why should we ?

The film is made in co-production with Director Sean Geoghegan, for Gender Free DV, a domestic abuse charity that takes a Gender ‘free’ approach to victims. The charity is a Bristol based not-for-profit who works for survivors and helps to tell their story’s to Public and Private Bodies.

You can find more information at www.genderfreedv.co.uk and follow www.twitter.com/genderfreedv


Video 1: Deaf Male Survivor ( Edited and re-formatted 360 VR Version )

This is a 360 VR film about a Deaf Male and how he was treated by the Police

Video 2: Deaf Male Survivor ( Original 2D Version )

This is a flat (2D) version of the Deaf Male film for Gender Free DV


Visit the Website for more information : www.dsoundz.co.uk

Follow Sam on Twitter at : www.twitter.com/samdownie

Sam Downie has over 20 years of work experience, working as a Presenter, Actor and Voice Over (for Games and TV & Film Documentaries) . He started in Radio in the late 1990’s on-air in New Zealand and then once he returned back to the U.K. he worked for BBC Radio Bristol and helped to launch the two community radio stations BCFM and Ujima 98. More recently he’s a paid occasional reporter on Click — the weekly technology radio show on BBC World Service. Sam also became a Technology Contributor on TWiT TV.

He’s also ‘On-Air Talent’ for ITV Studios and other TV and Radio platforms. And sometimes he becomes a Investigative Journalist, researching in to stories within Welfare, Health Care, Science (including Pseudoscience), Law breaches and Human Rights — with his comments and reports being published on The Guardian’s ‘Comments Are Free’.

As a Geek, Sam has been a Beta tester and futurist for TWTTR (which became Twitter), Ustream TV, Twitch TV and other Web platforms, and has assisted VC’s in Silicon Valley.

But.. more recently he’s bringing 360 film-making more into his work.

He’s currently experimenting with pushing the boundary on 360 VR live streaming and the Psychology behind how we as Humans interact with it all. In Sam’s 360VR films he likes to experiment with the ‘talking heads’ style of storytelling.

Right now, Sam is exploring the ‘bystander effect’, making it an advantage in his 360 VR storytelling..

The bystander effect, or bystander apathy, is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to a victim when other people are present. The probability of help is inversely related to the number of bystanders.

Sam also has a Rare-form of Epilepsy, he’s open about this by doing Awareness talks about living with condition, helping to break the stigma and to bring #Epilepsy out from the shadow, he also provides training in Epilepsy first aid to companies. He volunteers for a number of charities including the internationally based Epilepsy Awareness Day and Expo held yearly at Disneyland Resort in California every November, where he acts as the U.K. Ambassador (promoting the event in the U.K.) and as a film maker, producing short films about the event which include interviews with the worlds most amazing Dr’s, Nurses and Non-Profits in Epilepsy, SUDEP, Autism and other Genetic diseases.

He also loves the art of Cinema — he adores the large screen IMAX format and it’s films. He’s into Magic, Theatre and being a Skeptic discussing about Logic and Reason, questioning all kinds of Scams and Pseudoscience. He’s a member/attendee of the Bristol SitP (Skeptics in the Pub) talks which currently take place at Smoke & Mirrors Pub behind The Hippodrome Theatre.

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