Work-Life Balance Tips from Entrepreneur Sam Dushey

In today’s fast paced, productivity-minded world, it’s no wonder that so many struggle to maintain a balance between their work lives and their leisure time. Too often, individuals fall into the over-prioritization of work, leading to a complete lapse in balance. Entrepreneurs who are passionate about their companies and driven to succeed are especially susceptible to the consequences of an unbalanced work-life ration.

When achieved, a healthy work-life balance allows for individual needs while still allocating adequate time for work-related tasks. Experienced business professional Sam Dushey offers his tips for entrepreneurs struggling to strike that balance.

Wake Up Early

Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs have this in common: they don’t sleep in. Starting the work day early may seem daunting but falling into a healthy habit of waking up early is an excellent way to get a jump-start on the day.

In the initial hours of the morning, getting distracted or side-tracked by emails or phone calls is far less likely. This allows time for planning the day and establishing goals in a way that puts you in a better mental headspace for increased productivity.

Giving the workday an early start also eliminates the need to extend office hours later into the evening. Lengthening the work day is shown to cause more stress, as evenings are key for unwinding and re-energizing. Rather than being spent at work, these later hours of the day are better spent at home relaxing with family, having dinner with friends, or practicing a hobby.

Prioritize Healthy Sleep Habits

Waking up early shouldn’t mean sleeping less. In fact, regularly receiving adequate amounts of sleep is shown to be a key player in an individual’s productivity levels. Working longer, later hours may appear to increase your potential output; the truth is it’s more likely to hinder your long-term productivity by reducing energy levels. Those who operate on less sleep have less-effective work days and less-enjoyable leisure times.

The key to boosting your energy levels and overall productivity is to block out adequate sleep time. If you struggle with staying up late and sleeping in, begin to intentionally enforce a bedtime and stop hitting snooze on the alarm clock in the morning. The development of healthy sleeping habits is one of the best ways to ensure you are operating to your fullest potential.

Sam Dushey on Scheduling Free Time

Entrepreneurs are often highly driven, organized individuals. While most business owners are accustomed to scheduling and planning their work week, many neglect to make time for leisure activities and relaxation. For busy entrepreneurs who are slammed with emails, meetings, and business calls, it’s far too easy for work responsibilities to leak into what should be periods of relaxation. This cuts into time spent with family, strains relationships, and causes stress in the individual’s life. Often, intentionally scheduling free time is the only way to ensure it will happen.

According to Sam Dushey, deliberately making time for your individual needs in a day-to-day schedule also improves your ability to relax. Too often, overworked business owners experience feelings of guilt or anxiety during periods of intended relaxation. This is due to the perception that there is always more work to be done. However, intentionally making time in a schedule for leisure activities can help alleviate these feelings of guilt by establishing relaxation as necessary, designated event.

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