The Brexit court ruling

There’s been much fuss this week with regards to the decision of high court judges, or as the right-wing media like to call them ‘enemies of the people’, ruling that MPs should have a say on the Brexit negotiations. Here’s some thoughts on that and the foolish reaction many Brexiteers have had.

48% of the public voted to remain

Despite what it may seem, this verdict does not equate to the rubbishing of the referendum, it in fact enhances the legitimacy of it. 52% is a very fine margin in favour of the mammoth political upheaval of exiting the EU and it would be frankly anti-democratic not to allow the 48% to have their voices heard in the discussions. MPs whose constituencies voted for Remain should be obligated to ensure their constituents views are heard through the advocacy of continued partnership with the EU post-British departure.

It was only advisory…

Whilst I would not advocate for MPs to totally ignore the referendum result and opt to Remain, it must be remembered that the referendum was only advisory. The people have advised the politicians that they want to leave and it is now the job of all elected MPs to move towards this, ensuring all voices are heard in the process.

Remember what Farage said before the referendum?

Prior to the June 23rd vote, supposed lover of democracy Nigel Farage said that in the event of a narrow victory for Remain he would advocate a second referendum. Much akin to the miraculous disappearance of now-President-Elect Trump’s claims of vote rigging, Farage inevitably didn’t call for a second referendum now Leave has won.

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