How to use and manage official emails with your online store

You get email accounts at your when you create an online store using is a tool for creating sustainable online stores. One of the key features that comes with each website created on this platform is brand identity emails at your own domain name.

You can create email addresses, remove email addresses, change password for your email address and configure your mobile devices(phone/tablet) to receive the emails sent to you.
(To carry out some of these for now, we require you send a request to DIY Automation is still in the works.

Say you have an online store called
Here’s how to access your email through a browser

  1. on your browser address bar, type
  2. enter your email address i.e. as the username.
  3. enter your password and hit enter.
  4. It’s that easy.

In your case, replace with whatever your online store domain name is.