The easy way to add products to your online store in a minute.

If you’ve created an online store through the platform, you’ve probably realised how easy it is to get your business online.

Using the tools that come with your site is pretty easy for most people but for those who want to be guided, this little writeup will help you add products to your online store in a minute or less(usually after the first try).

The guide

  1. Open a browser and go to click on the login link at the top right.
  2. You will be presented with your customised login page. It looks something like this. (Every online created with has it’s automatic custom login page).
Custom login page for your online store through

Note if you’re already logged in using facebook login, you will be automatically logged in without having do anything.
If not, you can either click on the continue with facebook button or by entering your email address and password.

Once logged in you will be directed to your home page with your profile.

3. Click on the “Manage this site” link on the top right of the site labeled this link is also visible at the bottom of the page.

Top left manage this site link
Manage site link at the base of the site is visible to logged in users with admin access to the website.

**only available to those who have administrative access.** 
If you don’t see this link, it simply means the account you are currently logged in with does not have any administrative access to that website. You can request this from the person who created the site or logout and re-login using the account used in creating the site.

Welcome to your site’s Content management system(cms)

You’re now presented with a beautiful view of your site content management system. This is the are where you can add, change and remove information from your website.

  1. Click on the button labeled “Products” from the grey buttons on the left.
CMS left side navigation

2. Next Click on the “+ add products” button

Fill the form making sure the
- Title, 
- Product description are entered. 
- Select as many images from the images list that describe the product.

Select three or four product pictures to describe your products.

- Select a color description by clicking on the box labeled “code” if your product is best described using a texture image(e.g. animal print) do not select the code, select the texture file by clicking on the image selector right next to the color name instead. Enter the color name.

Next select the category you’ll like this Item to appear in. If you haven’t created categories yet, See how to do that here. It’s really two clicks and you’re done.

When adding a product, you are either adding the product for the purpose of rental, sales, subscription or just a photo gallery
Click on the option that best describes your products.

Options when listing products.

Each option reveals a different pricing option.

a. selecting a photo gallery will reveal no price or size at all.
b. for rental, enter a price duration of rental in days e.g 5.
c. for Sale enter a price.
d. for Subscription, enter a price and select term eg. monthly.

Next select a size
Size options are determined by which category has been selected selected above, e.g. Clothing size options will be different from Shoes or Phones size option. You can customise your own product sizes click here to learn how to.

Click save.