If you don’t follow an English football club, here’s what it feels like.

In most areas of the world, football is played in abundance, and enjoyed by everyone. Why not as well? “The beautiful game” has been given that famous nickname for a reason- it truly is beautiful.

In England, football is almost like a religion. People lived and die by their teams. If your local team loses on the Saturday, the town stops for a week. Production in factories slows down, people are less likely to go out and spend money in local pubs and bars and everyone keeps their heads down and walks past each other depressingly in the streets.

It may seem dramatic, but it’s true.

Football has an unbelievable power in England, it is a place where you can go with likeminded fans and express your feelings.

What makes it even more amazing I the different levels of football. There are 27 leagues in the English pyramid, and every team in that pyramid goes into games hungry for the victory.

You can go to watch your local non-league side, or you can go to a top quality Premier League match with tens of thousands of fans. The one constant is that no matter where you go the levels of passion will always be the same.

In defeat, football can be hard to follow. If your team has just lost to your rivals, or if you’ve been relegated, it can seem like the worlds against you.

Its these moments that you remember when you do well, and it makes it so much sweeter.

Success is just around the corner, you can smell it, you have one hand on a trophy and out of nowhere its ripped away from you in the dying embers of the game. That’s why we love it.

That’s why we come back for more. That’s why there’s always next season. That’s why we spend hard earned money to go jump around, chant and it seems more than often leave with the bitter taste of disappointment in our mouths.

I’ve tried other sports: Rugby, Cricket, I’ve delved into US sports and the only one that has stuck with me is baseball( something rather appetizing about sitting in a sunny ballpark in the middle of the Californian summer), but no sport I’ve seen shows the same level of passion as football.

The main difference I’ve seen from US sports and English sports, is that to them, sports is a friendly light hearted game, here in England, it is the best moment of the week.

Football is truly the greatest game in the world, if you haven’t experienced a live game before, go to one, and when your beloved team has just conceded an injury time defeat, remember that’s why you love the game; next time it could be you celebrating at the end of 90 minutes.

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