That one trick that makes you a successful writer


Write 500 words per day! And keep on writing! These are the advice you will receive when you want to become a writer. Excellent suggestion! No doubt about that! This will definitely make you a habitual writer. What if you want to become a natural and successful writer, not just a writer?

Through my writing adventures over the years, I have come across one trick that distinguish a natural writer and a habitual writer. If you master this trick, I am sure you will become a good writer. Now coming to the trick.

Stop Reader

When a reader reads your story or article, he stops at various places. It can be full stop, comma, semi-colon or anything. These stops not only just make your writing understandable, it gives reader required kick and drama. You should know where to stop your reader and for how long he or she should be stopped.

Take below sentences from fiction as an example.

Sentence A:

She opened the door. Stepped into her bedroom. And froze. Her husband was in their bed with another woman!

Sentence B:

She opened the door, stepped into her bedroom and froze. Her husband was in their bed room with another woman!

Both sentences are conveying the required meaning that the woman caught her husband cheating on her. But there is subtle difference in the tone of the sentences. One is giving more pause to the readers to imbibe the fact than the other. The sentence with more pause is implying more drama and more emotion.

Okay, so we need to use more lengthy stops to thrill the readers? The answer is yes and no. Because here is where a writer has to master this art. When you use lengthy pauses often, it will lead to monotony and the reader will not at all feel the emotion you are trying to convey.

So how to master this? We have come full circle now. Write more and more. And regularly.

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