10 Interesting Ways to Write.

You need to know that there are so many ways of pursuing writing as a hobby — even a career. You just have to find the right way for you to become good at it. Not all, for example, have it in them to produce good, worthy-of-reading fiction.

There are tons of different ways to incorporate your thoughts into appreciable literature. Try finding what you might like from these 10 interesting ways to write if you’re still searching for that spark we all need or are simply bored of continuous, laborious writing.

Now now. Don’t be shy.

Here’s one.

Sounds simple, right? Here’s a little secret: It really is. They say how you see others is merely a reflection of who and what you are. Ever tried judging a piece of art? Take that notepad of yours with you to an art gallery. Roam around and analyze art— each and every bit. What do you see? What do you feel? Write your heart out then scrutinize what you’ve come up with.

A good exercise, is it not?


Lights, camera, blogging!

I’m literally considering this one. Saving up for a professional camera is proving to be quite the opposite of what I thought it to be. I’ll get there, I guess. Writing and deadlines; two words that should never be put together, I say.

I hate my boss.

You should totally buy a camera, too. Save some travel money and then become a travel blogger. Embark on a magical adventure. You’ll find so many travel bloggers out there on the web. You’re basically killing two birds with one stone here; blogging and photography.

Go to some to-die-for destinations and have your way with your camera. Look at those pictures and describe them in the most creative of ways. What’s in the pictures? How are the landscapes? The people and the colors?

This is absolutely love.

Who doesn’t want to be an auntie agony? Well, no one. LOL-ing!

But why not give it a try? Who knows how good a writer you might be if you solved for people the most trivial of their problems? Some are even brave enough to let it all out — and it takes guts. Use the power of your words to make their day. Some metaphors and the use of quotes ought to do nicely.

Being a writer doesn’t necessarily mean writing by the book. You don’t know what you might write that might help some one.

And an agony column is another interesting writing tactic.

Check out number 2 of 5 Ways to Write Creatively. Yeah, I own a blog, too. I call it The Next Best Thing — comments and shares are wildly appreciated. So, what does it say? Become a weather reporter! Or, if put simply: describe the weather. This one is just like one here, but a little bit different. When you’ll analyze sunsets, the clouds, everything up there, your inner writer will come pouring out of you. When the wind will surround you and the warmth of the sun will relax you into a hazy stupor, you’ll want to write about how it made you feel.

And voilà! You have another.

Poetry has revolutionized over time. No more rhymes now, oh no. This is how my poetry sounds like. Do follow me on Instagram. I’ll be flooding my profile with more of my writes. I don’t always use rhymes now — I used to, though. However, you’re not likely to become a poet in today’s world. A trade secret: You don’t need to be. The poets of today don’t actually write poetry. They just write pieces that amuse people; pieces that people can relate to. They never abide by any rules of poetry or-slash-and use rhymes. It doesn’t even feel like poetry! But, simultaneously, it is quite interesting. And hence, it is classified as poetry. I also write that kind.

All will be revealed soon, dear reader.

Here’s another fun way.

You can’t not be a book nerd but a writer. You have to be both. Now, think of the most unsatisfying ending you’ve ever read. Channel all of your hatred into writing one that you wanted instead of plotting the author’s murder. I’ve given it a lot of thought, though.

Come up with alternate endings!

It can be anything you like! Anything you want. Want to un-kill your favorite character? Do it! Want a happy ending to be the saddest one ever? Get writing then, you evil little thing!

Speaking of evil things…

The dystopian genre turned out to be my fav. My first read was The Declaration. I know, you’re drooling over that cover right now. Wait till you read the entire trilogy! I then moved to Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth. Hey! Are you excited for Carve the Mark? IKR?

So, why not try writing dystopian fiction of your own? Think of the most meanest, cruelest, most horrible possible ending for the people you hate and you’ll have written your dystopian fiction in a single day.

Oh yes. Most def.

Are you a political enthusiast?

You can start a blog or write columns on your take on politics. People who have political know-how are considered educated and classy. Boring’s more like it, I say. But, you have to know who’s running the country and how they’re doing so.

Get creative and slut-shame all those politicos you hate. Let ’em have it!

I like this one.

Observing people is what I’ve been doing since the sixth grade. I was the silent type back then, but am occasionally similar nowadays, too. Observe and write about faces is what I did and it opened me up to a whole new world of character descriptions and personalities. You can figure out so much about a person if you learn to read their face. Don’t want to sound a total narcissist here — and I am not one — but I think it’s a pretty unheard-of writing strategy.

Remember, you heard it from me.

And finally.

Don’t know what that is? It’s mail; the old-school version. And definitely not email, hence the term. Remember the posts and the delivery systems? Nostalgic, right? So, write snail mail and impress whom you address — that totally rhymed — in the most eccentric of ways. Here’s some icing on the cake: you can try that old, loopy handwriting if you like. Try writing on parchment, if you can procure some. Go and read some famous letters online. Don’t forget to check out their image version, and try duplicating those into writings of your own. The postal system is still existent, by the way. It’s not extinct.

You’ll feel great writing like this.

Surprise bomb: I haven’t tried most of these ten. Ever. Go ahead and laugh. 02, 04, and 09 are the obvious exceptions, though. And I don’t need to become a poet — I’m one already.

It’s just so strange, how people think of writing as a boring load of work they’d rather not get tangled up in. What they don’t know is how fun it can be once they’ve found the write way.

Pun intended.