Happy birth day to me

from last birthday to this birth day its a short journey from being immature to little bit mature . its my super 19 but i cant even realize my 00.1 responsibilty yeah really.new birth day means new goals more spirit and set your journey ohhh wait! i am only 19 means i had one more year of teenage to do something stupid! okay a big cheer for this :) i usually do many things in a pathatic way and i want an OSCAR FOR THIS that i never think that “what people will say” lol,i dont even give a shit XD .i only do things which make myself happy.

i am artist at heart and i want to spend most of my time on reading and writing.

i want to live close to nature and i adore night sky.

i have best people in my life and cant be grateful enough to ALLAH

i love to do skate and want to do in new york skate ring.

i believe in dreams and put effort into materializing them.

i smile a lot but i also know what the real pain is.

i dont need anyone to buy a diamond ring. one day i will do it by myself.

plz stay away from double standard people :)

yours truley.

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