The Supreme Court of Pakistan in Islamabad

Asia Bibi was acquitted on Wednesday amidst an atmosphere of relief, anger, frustration and fear. The judgement penned by the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, showed not only the legal basis of her acquittal, but also used the Quran and Hadith to back up its reasoning.

The history of the blasphemy law in Pakistan, too, has its roots in controversy. In 1923, a man named Rajpal published a pamphlet containing derogatory comments against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Shortly after this was publicized, a movement was launched by the Muslims of the sub-continent demanding a ban on the book…

Tipu Sultan’s Tiger

Reflecting on seventy years of Independence, here I am free, but also bare.

I: Interior/Exterior

When I was younger, my mother took me to Frere Hall to see Sadequain’s unfinished mural on its ceiling. Being a Karachi native, I had driven past the building many times before, and seen photographs of it whenever the city’s landmarks were mentioned. From my Junior School classrooms to drawing room coffee tables, Frere Hall is seen as a relic of Karachi’s past. …

Sameer Tayebaly

Practising lawyer with an interest in history and politics.

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