A Promise

A good promise can be born of many things, hope, happiness, love, excitement, safety

A bad promise can be born of terrible things as well, fear, guilt, dread, betrayal, and another form of safety the most dangerous kind…..comfort

A good promise requires strength and courage to complete

A bad promise requires ignorance and avoidance to bring to completion.

A good promise is a meal, maybe not a good one at first but the promise will make it better in time, a good promise brings us together to solve all of life’s small challenges

A bad promise is food for the stomach but not for the heart, it’s empty and comfortable with only a temporary satisfaction.

A good promise is a long discussion after a terrible movie. The film is not what’s important it’s the talk that follows, entering each other’s minds to find peace in our conversation

A bad promise is moving on to something new even after watching something great. Not being able to appreciate what just happened and always looking for the next meaningless comfort.

A good promise requires bravery, even when all hope is lost

A bad promise requires fear, even when hope still survives

A good promise, is a vision of daily improvement, that leads to peace of mind; a richness that money could never buy.

A bad promise, is a fantasy of comfort that only money could buy.

I’ve made all of these promises

You’ve made all of these promises

Is it so easy to decipher which ones were good and which ones were bad?

Does it matter why you made them? Does it matter who you made them to? Does it matter that you failed or succeeded?


Yes it matters.

Promises can be made with the best of intentions, promises can last forever, but why do so many fail to last the test of time? Is it because there are no good or bad promises? Can a promise start off as a good promise only to devolve into something meaningless, but a promise still.

Promises define us, they make us who we are, they are the choice that we make, and I want to keep my promises or die trying.