Perspectives- Samu the Monkey pt. II

It’s been 3 days since the old monkey showed us that we are all trapped in here, the revelation that we are all prisoners shook me to my core, I haven’t slept for days, and question everything around me. I must escape this place.

Oddly some of my cellmates don’t have the same sense of urgency. Most don’t seem to mind the current situation, others don’t believe, a small number think they can escape at any time and choose to stay. Only a brave few actually understand the situation for what it is…. a prison.

Before my mornings were spent swinging in the trees, carefree and blissfully happy, I can still remember my white hairless friends throwing me banana’s. I never thought about it then, but the temperature of the banana was always colder, than my jail cell, how could I have been so blind?

Now I go straight to the edge, to the wall, I am almost always there alone, I look at it closely, it’s been painted, if I look at it quickly it looks like a deep forest, I press my face close to the wall, I can see the paint ink clearly now, a clever deception. I place both of my hands on the wall, it’s cool to the touch, a warmth on the surface but certainly something is cold on the outside. I press my ear to the wall, I watch as it curves around, its illusion is evil magic, how could a simple painting fool us so convincingly.

“your minds have gone weak” the old man said suddenly, he was always silent, he did not move like the other monkeys, he was wild, he smelled different, but above all he was always right.

Our minds, he was right, most of us don’t even question the prison any longer we just accept it, at that moment I saw a banana flying through the sky at me.

The Old man had told me they were not our friends, they were something called “zoo keepers” and that they were evil.

I caught the banana with one hand and instead of eating it I decided to throw it back in disgust, I moved my arm back and began to throw.

“no” the old man moved like lightning, and grabbed my arm

“eat it”

“I don’t want to”

“if you don’t eat it they will, think something is wrong with you”

“so what? Something is wrong with this place, you showed us!”

“No, young one, be patient, if they think something is wrong with you they will perform tests”

“what type of tests?”

“do not speak of it” he said with sadness in his eyes as he pointed to a long thin scar on the side of his head.

“eat now, rejoin the others” as he stared off into the distance


Only a few of us believe that we can escape, fewer still think that we should escape, only 6 of us, only 6 out of 100, I want to liberate my countrymen but they don’t wish to follow I suppose.

We talk about escape, almost every day, we make plans, we ask the old man about the world outside. But we can’t get past one critical problem

The wall.

What is the wall made of old man?

“steel” he said quietly

“what can we use to break steel? “

“nothing breaks steel”

“if we can make a sharp piece of wood…”

“nothing breaks steel” he says

“if we make a rock sharper…”

“Nothing breaks steel” he said

“there must be something…”

“nothing breaks steel” he would always say

I was motivated, driven by the possibility of what existed on the other side of that wall, I wanted to know, I wanted to go there, and I didn’t want anyone to tell me no.

We tried everything, nothing worked, nothing was sharp enough, or hard enough, we were certainly not strong enough.

News of our struggle spread around the zoo, soon, our daily ritual of trying to break the wall grew a small crowd.

The old man would tell us that this was not a good thing, that the zookeepers didn’t like when things became unexpected.

At last we think we found a weak spot, a part in the wall that was thinner than the rest, but we would need something, we would need help.

We had to ask the Gorilla’s.

It was never wise to disturb a Gorilla, they were almost 10 times our size and 20 times our strength, their massive black bodies made the ground shake whenever they moved.

They had isolated themselves from the other monkeys, their areas of the cage were darker, and much more quiet.

I decided to go alone, Gorillas had a habit of hurting monkeys that came into their space.

The old man insisted on following; I said yes, so we went to go and meet Krun, the gorilla king.

We passed through a small rock cavern, and through what seemed like another wall lie the gorilla kingdom, smaller than the monkey kingdom, the air had much more of a rank smell to it and it was much darker, and much more quiet, slight fog made it difficult to see, I felt un easy.

Two large shadows emerged, the royal guard, Krun was older now, but he demanded respect, he rarely ever shows his face outside this little room.

“state your business monkey” one of the large shadows spoke

“we speak an audience with the king” I said

“on what business?” the other shadow questioned

“escape” the old man said before I had a chance to speak

The two large shadows stepped back silently; what where we supposed to do now

“speak” a large deep voice spoke, we turn around, he was behind us the whole time, so silent, so still like an old stone.

I made sure never to look at him in the eye, this was supposed to fill Gorillas with rage.

I had never seen the great Krun before, they said that he was an old man, but his face was looked young to my eyes, grey hair spotted his massive body, he was quiet, so quiet, thoughtful, but sad.

“Mr. Krun” I began to say

“refer to him as king, your highness, your liege only monkey” a small annoying bird said from high above.

Krun, silently stared at me, large warm, sad eyes, he had seen tragedy before.

“your highness, we need help”

“in breaking the wall, I know…”

“how did you know?”

“it matters not, the wall cannot be broken, and what lies beyond is something worse, stay inside young one”

I couldn’t believe it, the great Krun, didn’t have the strength to break open the wall?

“are you not strong enough?” I said, bravely

“what are you doing?” the old man said

He turned his head and looked off into the distance, he held his hands, scarred the both of them

“no one is strong enough” he said snorting.

“now be gone” he said

“we found a weak spot, we are going to try again tonight after the zookeepers go off to sleep”

It was too late he had already left.

We gathered by the weak spot a few hours later, it was dark now, no one to bother us, the weak spot was the base of the wall, this made things simple, close to a fake tree.

We tried so many things, but the wall would not budge.

Then, to my surprise; Krun and his two Guard showed up, the monkeys applauded, the great gorilla king had come.

“where is this weak spot you speak of?”

“here” I took his great massive hand, it was the size of my entire body, and placed it on the weak spot, for a fraction of a second I think I saw him smile.

“stand back” he said, and with a thunderous strike he smashed at the wall…

No dent

Steel doesn’t break

“give me a rock”

The old man went to give him a rock. Krun was displeased by the size, he wanted something much larger.

It took 5 monkeys to bring it to him, a massive black pointed rock, he took it as if it were nothing and strike at the wall,

He hit it harder, harder and harder again, until he rocks exploded into dust.

There was a small dent in the wall,

We were making progress.

Krun looked exhausted.

“we did it we moved the wall!” I said

the old man, seemed less pleased, he thought that if Krun could only make a small dent, we were surely trapped.

Steel didn’t break

Krun was very tired, he was exhausted, but he looked determined.

“I will come back and try again tomorrow” he said even though he was tired, his confidence gave us hope. We began to cheer him.

“you will fail” a new voice said from the shadow

“you have no chance” said coldly

I’ve never heard this voice before, even Krun was surprised, everyone was alrert

“who is saying that?”

“if I told you would you believe me?” the voice said again.

All of us stood up now, looking for this voice, two eyes, like fire in the night blazed from under a tree, terrifying bright eyes.

“we are not afraid of you” I said

“good you have no reason to be…yet” from the shadows emerged a tiny round animal, it walked on all four legs like a child, seemed slightly fat but largely harmless.

The monkeys and even the gorilla’s all burst out into laughter.

This small creature did not seem to think this was amusing, he stared directly into Krun’s eyes, did this little animal have a death wish?

“I do not like your staring, creature” Krun who was now clearly annoyed

“you were not strong enough were you Krun?” the animal said

“how do you know my name?” Krun Demanded

“I know everything” the animal said

Silence, which was very uncommon for monkeys came abound, who was this mysterious creature?

“what is your name stranger?” I asked with all due politeness

“My friends call me Arthur; you may call me your king” he said with pride.

The two giant shadow skinned gorillas burst out into laughter, “you a king?”

“take it back now and we won’t hurt you” the two gorillas said

“tell me beast, do you like the taste of blood?” Arthur replied

Krun watched in silence

The two large Gorillas went at Arthur, I could barely watch, this little fur ball was about to be made into strawberry jam, by two Gorillas who must be 50 times his size.

But then something strange, happened, something that changed my life.

Arthur didn’t move, he waited for the two to get close, and in one lightning motion, slashed the incoming gorillas with all four of his feet.

He landed with grace as the two gorillas slammed to the ground, dust rose from the floor as the impact shook the area around us.

He turned his back on the two gorillas and stared at Krun.

“who am I Krun?” he hissed

Krun was silent

“who am I Krun!!?” for such a small animal he could be surprisingly loud

At that moment, the two gorillas got up and were about to strike, Arthur quickly turned…I will never forget the look in his eyes, blood lust is the only way I can describe, if the two gorillas went after him again, Arthur would have killed them, the strange thing is that he could have, easily but I don’t know why.

The two gorillas backed down.

“who am I!!!!” shouting so loud that the whole zoo could hear

“you are my king…” Krun responded, and bowed to Arthur.

Arthur came close licked Krun’s massive head and said very quietly “it is good to see you again old friend”

Silence, as Arthur turned his gaze to us, we all instinctively bent our knee and bowed to him, our king had arrived.

“we have much work to do and no time to waste, Krun send me one of your best” Arthur demanded

To my great surprise, Krun pointed to me

“that one?” Arthur said as if to imply that I was not good enough.

“hmm, yes he does have the quality…. you come with me I have a job for you” Arthur commanded as he turned and started walking.

“of course but how did you get in here, none of us have ever seen you”

“I break steel” Arthur said with a smile.

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