Fuel your talent sourcing efforts with Codejudge Developer Campaign

5 min readFeb 11, 2022


Talent sourcing is a perpetual activity that keeps a company’s talent pipeline intact with skill-accurate and high quality candidates

What is Talent Sourcing?

Talent sourcing is an intricate process that involves extensive knowledge in terms of identifying requirements, skills and demands heavy research into candidate abilities which adds to the existing predictive analysis of planning to build a talent pipeline based on job requirements or opportunities that might present themselves in the future.

The outcome of your talent sourcing process has to be the conversion of passive job-opportunity surfers into active applicants, and it takes immense planning to reach that point. For instance, activities such as role requirements compilation, listing out skills, deciding time and budget-to-hire usually take a few meetings with HRs, hiring executives, hiring managers, and recruiters.

This method usually includes multiple mundane tasks which consume a lot of manual effort and once you have a strategy in place, success is not guaranteed i.e., it might not get you a pipeline of highly qualified & technically skilled candidates.

A more effective way to acquire talent is to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving quotient through practical assessments that mimic real-world situations and implement data-driven tactics to comprehend the dexterity and skill-accuracy of candidates.

For your consideration, the Codejudge Developer Campaign

Sourcing platforms are many yet only a few offer productive outcome-based solutions. Codejudge Developer Campaign is a powerful and a flexible solution for your talent sourcing needs that includes the following benefits:

  • Personalized talent sourcing
  • Opportunity awareness generation
  • Evaluation contests with real-world tech assessments
  • Pre-vetted & interview-ready candidates
  • Developer reports with data-backed insights
  • An array of skill-matching candidates

With Codejudge, organizations can seamlessly automate their talent sourcing efforts and acquire the best of tech talent while achieving higher levels of skill accuracy because of data-backed reports.

Here’s how organizations can automate talent sourcing with Codejudge

Automating your talent sourcing process with Codejudge is a painless mechanism that minimizes manual intervention and compartmentalizes your tasks conveniently. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1 : Launch www.codejudge.io and sign up as recruiter

Recruiter dashboard on Codejudge
Recruiter dashboard

Signing up and then logging in will take the user to the dashboard. You may take a few seconds to indulge the simplistic design.

Step 2 : Click ‘Contests’ on sidebar, click on ‘Create New Contest’

Contests tab on Codejudge
Contest page

Users should click on ‘Create New Contest’ to initiate campaign creation. They will navigates to content creation page where a template can be chosen or a new test can be built.

Step 3 : ‘Choose A Template’ or ‘Build New Test’

Contest creation page on Codejudge
Contest creation page

If a user chooses a template, the list of all questions will be displayed. They can set filters based on job role, experience and set difficulty level.

Step 4 : If users have chosen test template; They can set custom filters

Test template page on Codejudge
Test template page

Users can set the metrics and choose the filtered tests by clicking on ‘Use this Test’. Then, you will be navigated to the information page where you can fill out important guidelines, rules, test description etc.,

Step 5 : Fill test information

Test information page

Users should fill out all details before proceeding to next step.

PS : If a user chooses to build a new test i.e., not choosing template, they will land on test information page, where they may fill out important details.

Step 6 : Add new questions/quizzes or Add custom questions

Additional questions page on Codejudge
Question addition page

On this page users can add any extra questions and create custom questions.

Step 7(a) : Test configuration(General)

Test configuration(General) on Codejudge
Test configuration page(General)

In the configuration section, users can programming languages, enable/disable technology frameworks, set test duration, qualification score and toggle other options.

Step 7(b) : Configure proctoring preferences

Proctoring configuration on Codejudge
Proctoring configuration

Step 7(c) : Configure Email and reporting preferences

Email and reporting preference configuration page
Email and report configuration page

Step 8 : Fill information regarding the open position

Job details page on Codejudge

Here, users should specify all the information regarding the job such as title, experience, CTC, location, number of openings and elaborate the role duties, background image for the online contest etc.,

After filling the information, user can save or publish the contest. Saved contests will be displayed on ‘Contests’ tab.

Once the campaign runs successfully recruiters will have a list of highly skilled candidates with matching requirements that are ready to be interviewed. Our unique tech assessments designed after real-world scenarios and data-driven skill reports will assist recruiters with the interpretation of candidate’s technical abilities.

Take a peek at running a developer campaign with Codejudge.