Live Coding Interviews, simplified with Codejudge.

4 min readFeb 11, 2022


Coding interviews are an integral part of the technology recruiting process. It is the final frontier of a developer’s skill comprehension process.

The team at Codejudge goes all the way to build the next best hiring solutions to make things a little easier and better for organizations and recruiters.

As we strive to build a community of top-quality software developers, engineers, and coders. We want to channel our resources and assist high-growth companies to thrive with innovation and success. With our live coding interview platform, we aim to solve all online coding interview hurdles and enable smooth communication and code playback that help you in making cognitive hiring decisions.

Why live coding interviews are crucial for tech hiring

Live coding interviews usually involve problem-solving programming sessions and technical questions which are to be solved by candidates in real-time in presence of one or more engineers/ developers. This means every minute spent in a technical interview has to provide value and help recruiters understand the skill levels and abilities of the candidate. Similarly, the candidate should also be able to freely exhibit his tech intellect and get a fundamental understanding of the work environment by the nature of questions.

So, the most optimized way to conduct a successful coding interview would be to use a video-interview platform embedded with a flexible IDE that supports multiple coding languages, technology frameworks, and real-time information exchange windows that can be smoothly integrated into any organization’s hiring systems.

How Codejudge’s coding platform provides the best interview experience

The Codejudge’s live coding interview platform is a developer & recruiters savvy tool with a provision to frame questions in SQL & system design and code in 20+ languages. You will acquire a distinct performance profile that speaks of a coder’s persona of problem-solving skills, debugging, code readability, code formatting, and an overview of the candidate’s functional character at a workplace.

Here’s a few features of Codejudge’s interview platform

  • Supports 20+ coding languages and 50+ technology frameworks
  • Can conduct system design and system architecture interviews
  • Automated reports generation inclusive of code metrics
  • Codejudge Proctoring — A chrome extension that prevents cheating/ code plagiarism.
  • Code Playback — For code review.
  • Real-time AVT communication on Judgepad.

Equip yourself with the next-gen coding platform, here’s how you can do it.

On Codejudge’s interview platform you can clearly verify and understand candidate skills without much stress. You can test a developer’s caliber on various skills such as Full-stack Developers, Back-end Rest Developers, Front-end Developers, Mobile App developers, Dev Ops Engineers and more.

Live coding interviews by Codejudge
Live coding interview platform

Additionally, recruiters may conduct system design interviews on Codejudge’s platform for senior engineering roles and verify the system architecture & system design skills.

System design interviews on Codejudge
System design interview platform
System design interview platform
System design interview platform

Here’s how you can elevate your coding interviews

Step 1 : Launch and sign up as recruiter

Recruiter dashboard on Codejudge
Recruiter dashboard

Once logged in, users should click on ‘Interviews’ on side bar.

Step 2 : Click on ‘Create New Interview’

Interview page on Codejudge
Interviews page

The user will be navigated to information tab.

Step 3 : Fill interview information

Information section on Codejudge
Information section

After filling information like interview title and description, user can proceed to fill details.

Step 4 : Fill interview details

Interview details section on Codejudge

Users can enter candidate details, interviewers, time, scoring metrics etc., Later, users can choose to only save the test or save & publish the test. On saving the interview, it will be displayed on the ‘Interviews’ tab.

Take a glance at 10X better coding interview experience.