The Story Of How Geekster’s Geeks Technically Peaked With Codejudge

4 min readSep 13, 2022


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Codejudge X Geekster

What is Geekster?

Geekster is a modern Ed tech company that offers online coding courses at zero upfront fee and provides complete placement assistance.

They, essentially, function as an online career accelerator that helps engineers upskill for the best tech jobs.

They aim to democratize technical education by eliminating any physical, geographical or financial barriers.

Once enrolled, students can learn online from anywhere and students won’t be billed until they get a well paying job at a top tech company.

A Passive Challenge Faced By Geekster

An unsolved Rubik’s cube.
Unsolved challenge.

Challenge #1

  • Students were devoid of coding assignments that fully or partially simulate project-level technical tasks.

Skill inaccurate aptitude tests; Using the same assignments to assess for multiple tech roles presented skill progression issues.

The skill assessments being used were not able to match the learning objectives of the students. In some ways, the assessments weren’t equipped to judge real-world technical skills.

Moreover, the assignments for certain roles seemed to overlap in some areas, resulting in an unclear skill evaluation.

Challenge #2

  • No accurate data & insights on student performance.

No data points to gauge the actual performance of students. Hence, no actionable insights to improve student performance.

An absence of a system that could accrue accurate performance data meant no significant skill data could be captured for further analysis to induce progress.

Geekster, while being great at training individuals to be better engineers, faced a problem that was plural in nature, and rather than looking for multiple solutions, they were in pursuit of a one-stop solution.

An Active Solution By Codejudge

A solved Rubik’s cube.
Challenge solved.

Codejudge’s skill-specific MCQ tests and coding assessments.

  • Codejudge supports 20+ coding languages, 50+ technological frameworks.
  • A suite of skill-based assignments for different technical roles.

Codejudge’s assessment suite could collectively assess students on multiple skills, job roles at different difficulty levels.

Also, the flexibility and the robustness of the platform made it possible for Geekster to evaluate a large number of students.

One of the primary reasons for Geekster to choose Codejudge is the quality of the coding assessments and a completely proctored environment with strong anti-plagiarism measures, which ensured a fair evaluation and progress of all students.

This actively guided students towards a path of experiential learning as they solved real-world project-grade problems.

Apart from real-world coding assessments, the skill-based MCQs and programming questions helped students extend the branches of their technical knowledge map.

  • Data-driven reports — Deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics.

Codejudge’s skill reports are compiled from skill accurate data points up to 127+ code metrics.

With the help of deep developer insights, students were able to pin-point their skills and generate skill progression action plans to improve their technical competency, which eventually led to an increase in the number of students cracking technical interviews.

The sophistication of data and the holistic nature of performance reports enabled few companies to directly get to the interview stage, effectively speeding up the hiring process.

Codejudge single-handedly enabled Geekster to overcome multiple learning related challenges, which had fenced the potential of students to excel — proving to be the one-stop solution that Geekster was looking for.


Owing to the seamless integration of Codejudge APIs into Geekster’s learning systems, students were enabled to effectively imbue experiential knowledge.

This resulted in students being exposed to a fresh perspective & a positive outlook towards technical interviews.

Geekster observed an increasing influence of Codejudge’s assessments and reports on the students, leading to a string of successfully cracked technical interviews.

Since there has been an increase in the number of placements after integration of Codejudge, more students are being onboarded onto the platform.

Codejudge strives to elevate student skill progression and boosts their interview performance.

Geekster trusts us, you can too!

Improve your students’ technical interview performance with Codejudge’s e-learning suite, talk to us today!