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3 min readOct 18, 2022


Codejudge V HackerRank

Codejudge helps tech enterprises and startups to hire high-performance developers, which enables them to build 10x engineering teams. With Codejudge, employers can source, screen, assess, interview and hire top tech talent. So, in a way it’s “Everything, Everywhere, All at once!”, but for tech hiring.

The Codejudge’s ‘X-factor’ that helps companies build 10x engineering teams

One crucial step Codejudge takes to ensure that the developers have top tier skills is to use real-world coding assessments & micro-projects to evaluate the technical competencies of candidates.

Real-world coding assessments are skill tests that closely replicate real-world and project level tech tasks, they are specifically designed for software engineers & developers.

This enables employers to look beyond the basic aptitude skills of candidates and gives them a detailed peek at the real tech skills before getting to the technical interviews.

This effectively saves precious engineering hours and product (and/or) service development costs for tech companies, enterprises and startups.

Three things HackerRank does, which Codejudge does differently

It is a well known fact that HackerRank gives you great candidates, but Codejudge goes the extra mile to give employers a better hiring experience along with great candidates.

Here are three elements of Codejudge that help you get ahead of your competition

1) Power of assessment customization.

  • When we use the term ‘assessment customization’, it applies for roles and beyond — you can customize assessments for different skills, difficulty levels, seniority levels, question types, technology frameworks and more.

2) Rank candidates based on code quality and functionality scores.

  • Codejudge’s leaderboard enables recruiters to shortlist candidates by taking one look at their performance. Codejudge ranks candidates not only based on their functionality, but also code quality.

Moreover, the performance & skill reports provide deep developer insights into 127+ code metrics making an employer’s job easier, besides helping them make informed decisions.

3) Enables employers to pool programming questions along with MCQs

  • This is a Codejudge-only feature. Programming questions can be pooled within assessments. This has proven to be an effective measure to tackle any cheating practices and ensure a fair evaluation of every candidate.

Codejudge enables companies to use our products as a whitelabel entity. This alone can upgrade the possibilities in terms of branding and talent attraction.

Here’s what puts a smile across the faces of our 100+ happy customers

The entire team at Codejudge perfectly understands the pain points faced by employers while trying to source, screen, assess, interview and hire skill-accurate, role-relevant and job-fit candidates.

So, we don’t rest until we zero in on all the pain points and issues faced by our customers and this is why our customers chose Codejudge over HackerRank.

Codejudge serves as a one-stop solution for technology talent acquisition, effectively enabling companies to meaningfully optimise their hiring process.

  • Codejudge supports 20+ coding languages, 50+ technology frameworks. It’s a flexible and robust environment, our code editor has advanced language servers making it a fully developer-savvy space.

This puts our product amongst the top 4 in the world to provide this premium feature.

  • Codejudge provides companies with a completely secured system to conduct hiring assessments.
  • With full-fledged anti-plagiarism, anti-cheating measures deployed in a fully proctored environment, companies can acquire candidates who are genuinely skilled, knowledgeable and job fit.

Here’s a detailed comparison table

Codejudge V HackerRank

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